How did dinosaurs die out? Let’s go back 65 million years and see what happened

It has been 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth. In this long period of 4.6 billion years, there have been countless creatures on the earth, some of which have been extinct, some of which have been born and reincarnated. The earth finally gave birth to intelligent life. In the early days of the earth, due to the high oxygen content in the atmosphere, the animals at that time were all big men, which were called Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. It was the most prosperous time for reptiles to rule the earth.

The Big Mac dinosaur was born in the Late Triassic, flourished in the Jurassic and Middle Cretaceous, and died out in 65 million years. Dinosaurs used to be the overlord of the earth, ruling the earth for 160 million years. That era, also known as the age of dinosaurs, was much longer than the history of human beings. Some people say that dinosaurs are just a group of creatures without intelligence. Is that true? Only a few million years after the birth of human beings, they can evolve into intelligent life. Dinosaurs ruled the earth for 160 million years, and in the era of dinosaur rule, dinosaurs also spread all over the world, with a number of no less than 10 million.

If dinosaurs didn’t have a certain intelligence, I’m afraid it can’t be said. Maybe dinosaurs had a preliminary intelligence in the later period, and maybe also had the early primitive civilization of dinosaurs. It’s just a catastrophe that brought the end of the age of dinosaurs. If dinosaurs had not been extinct due to the disaster 65 million years ago, it’s hard to say whether there would have been human civilization if they were allowed to develop to the present.

So what happened 65 million years ago? It led to the extinction of dinosaurs. There are many conjectures about the extinction of dinosaurs. Let’s go back 6500 years ago with Xiaobian to see what happened at that time.

65 million years ago, the earth was an era of extremely good environment, without modern environmental pollution and fog. The oxygen content is higher than now, the plants are luxuriant, there are many towering trees, and there are green forests everywhere. There are a group of huge creatures in this era, that is dinosaurs. They travel all over the world, and because of their huge size, they are always at the top of the food chain.

Dinosaurs have dominated the earth for 160 million years. In the long process of evolution, dinosaurs have gained initial wisdom and began to live together. Dinosaurs who thought they could live in peace and freedom did not expect that a disaster was coming. An asteroid with a diameter of about 15 kilometers is flying towards the earth. Of course, dinosaurs do not know about the coming disaster. They are still living peacefully, sleeping or playing with each other. Adult dinosaurs are taking small dinosaurs to practice their flying and hunting skills.

On this day, the sky was cloudless, and the dinosaurs were making fun on the grassland. Suddenly, the sky became red, and there was a sound of friction. The dinosaurs looked up and saw a huge fireball coming from the sky to the earth. The whole sky was burning, red and red. Before the Dinosaurs could figure out what was going on, the fireball had already hit the earth, with a loud noise and a lift The dust was all over the sky. At the same time, the earth cracked, and the huge shock wave spread all around.

This is the disaster of asteroid impact on the earth, and then the global volcanic eruption, volcanic ash spread to the world, burning flames everywhere, the sky was blocked, the whole world was gray down, and the oxygen in the atmosphere was constantly consumed, because the sun could not shine in, slowly a large number of plants began to die. Then there are animals, and because of the lack of food and the invasion of poisonous gas, dinosaurs, the overlord of the earth, began to die in large numbers, and eventually 90% of the creatures on the earth, including dinosaurs, died out.

As for the evidence that dinosaur extinction was caused by asteroid impact, some scientists found a huge crater in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. This crater is called “chicxulubo crater”, which may be caused by a planet or comet impacting the earth. The diameter of the crater reaches 180 km. Scientists speculate that the diameter of the planet or comet should be in the range of 10-15km, and its speed can reach 64000km / h.

Scientists speculate that the crater was left by the asteroid that hit the Earth 65 million years ago and caused the extinction of dinosaurs. We are not sure whether this is the case now. Many of the events 65 million years ago are conjectures. However, the impact of the asteroid on the earth and caused the extinction of dinosaurs has also received the most support, and most people think that it is. However, for the extinction of dinosaurs, there is another conjecture, that is, the extinction of alien civilization.

This conjecture has something to do with the origin of human beings. Modern scientists are more and more confused about the origin of human beings. It seems that human beings suddenly came to the earth. During this period, there is a big gap that scientists can’t understand, and they don’t know what happened in this large period of blank time. According to the process of life evolution, it will take a very long time for a life to evolve from primitive life to intelligent life. Dinosaurs have dominated the earth for 160 million years, and they may not evolve into intelligent life until they are extinct.

It took only millions of years for human beings to evolve from complete life to intelligent life, that is to say, about 2 million years. In such a short time, it is impossible for human beings to evolve from complete life to intelligent life, but it actually happened. Therefore, some scientists suspect that external forces have interfered in human evolution, so that apes can evolve into humans in a very short time.

This external force may be alien civilization. It is possible that 65 million years ago, a scientific research spaceship of alien civilization came to the earth and saw the earth as a living planet. The aliens decided to speed up the evolution of life on the earth and prepare to select a kind of creature to quickly evolve into intelligent life. Finally, the aliens chose the ape, which may be related to the fact that the ape is a humanoid Of all the humanoid creatures on the planet, only apes match. It’s also possible that aliens are somewhat similar to apes and look friendly, so they choose apes.

Whatever the reason, the alien civilization chose apes as genetically modified creatures. They chose a group of apes and then genetically modified them to speed up their brain development. In this way, these apes will quickly evolve into intelligent life. After the transformation of these apes, they were put back into the forest and allowed to evolve freely.

After completing the genetic transformation of apes, aliens are preparing to leave the earth, but they find that they have neglected a very important problem, that is, earth dinosaurs. At that time, dinosaurs were already the overlord of the earth, and after 160 million years of evolution, they may have some wisdom. The aliens see that dinosaurs are too large in size, and there are a large number of dinosaurs distributed all over the world. They also have preliminary wisdom. If dinosaurs are allowed to develop like this, there will be no ape transformed by them in the future.

A planet can only produce one kind of intelligent life. If there are two kinds of intelligent life, it must be a disaster. Therefore, the alien civilization decided to destroy the dinosaurs on the earth and then leave, so it sent a large number of aircraft to eliminate all the dinosaurs around the world, and then the aliens left the earth. After the extinction of dinosaurs, there was no overlord on the earth, and the apes who were transformed gradually became more and more intelligent, learned to walk upright, learned to use manufacturing tools, and began to evolve step by step towards human beings. The apes who were not transformed still stayed in the trees and lived in the forest as before.

The above two conjectures, whether the impact site of an asteroid caused the extinction of dinosaurs or the extermination of dinosaurs by alien civilization, are all conjectures, and there is no exact evidence to prove that. Moreover, there are not many dinosaur fossils found by Archaeology in the world. This is also a place that many people are puzzled. You should know that 65 million years ago, there were absolutely a lot of dinosaurs Scientists speculate that there may be tens of millions. So many dinosaurs should have left a lot of fossils, but why not find many now?

Therefore, the truth of the extinction of dinosaurs is still unknown. In the end, what led to the extinction of dinosaurs still needs future scientists to find more evidence. It is possible that the truth of the extinction of dinosaurs is far beyond human imagination. We are looking forward to solving this mystery one day.

Guys, what’s your opinion on the cause of dinosaur extinction? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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