May the universe be manipulated? Scientists explore, the original two are “manipulators”!

Since ancient times, human beings have been in the process of exploring the universe. In the past century, the level of human science and technology has made a qualitative leap. Many scientists have left us precious material wealth. Relying on these precious wealth, human beings have created unprecedented high technology. Now human beings have realized their desire to enter the universe and have a deeper understanding of the universe. The origin of the universe is still controversial, but no matter what kind of theory, we can find that the motion of the universe is regular, so some people have put forward such a view, is there a controller in the universe?

The motion of the universe is regular

Whether it’s the birth of the universe or the evolution of species, there are traces of everything. After the birth of the universe, all the stars came into being. Although the earth is one of the thousands of stars, it gave birth to life. Now the environment of the universe tends to be stable. If it’s just the law of natural formation, it’s a coincidence. Scientists have also explored this theory, and finally found that there are two kinds of matter in the universe, which may be the behind the scenes controllers of the universe.

These two manipulators are gravity and dark energy

These two controllers of the universe are gravity and dark energy. Newton put forward the law of universal gravitation more than 200 years ago, which made mankind realize the charm of the universe for the first time. There is gravity between the objects on the earth. In such a large cosmic environment, the orderly movement of each star depends on gravity. Scientists believe that when the universe was born, gravity already existed. When a singularity in space exploded, it was because of the existence of gravity that each star converged into one, becoming each galaxy, forming today’s cosmic environment.

Dark energy plays an important role in the development of the universe

Although the general trend of the cosmic environment is stable, scientists have found in recent observations that the universe has begun to expand slowly. With the increasing expansion of the universe, the distance between the stars becomes farther and farther, and the gravitational force between the stars becomes smaller. But there is no instability in the universe, thanks to another controller, dark energy.

Dark energy is a kind of matter that scientists have been looking for in recent years. Because it will not be absorbed and reflected, it is very difficult to observe it by using modern science and technology. Scientists can only find it with the help of some changes in the structure of the universe. Although there is no accurate evidence to prove its existence, scientists always believe that dark energy always exists in the universe, and is the largest energy in the universe. It is because of the existence of dark energy that the universe has not changed much.

Although dark energy is something we can’t detect, it’s everywhere in the universe. Maybe it’s around us, but we can’t feel it. What do you think of the two controllers of the universe?

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