Did experts find that the tunnel 2 billion years ago was built by prehistoric civilization? Is mankind not the only civilization?

Scientists have been looking for the road of prehistoric civilization. Many people believe that, as the only planet in the universe that breeds life, in the long years of several billion years, the earth can not only breed human beings, which are high-energy creatures. Perhaps before the emergence of human beings, the earth has been a vibrant phenomenon. Human beings have only been on the earth for a short period of 3 million years, and they still know little about the universe and the earth.


In order to solve the mystery of human origin and find the traces of prehistoric civilization, we have been exploring, and scientists are trying to find the answer through some historical sites. Today’s human beings are the overlord of the earth, while 65 million years ago, dinosaurs were the supreme ruler of the earth. Although dinosaurs ruled the earth for 100 million years, they did not evolve wisdom. An asteroid fell to the earth, the environment changed dramatically, and dinosaurs disappeared on the stage of history. Over the years, scientists have been looking for prehistoric civilization. In the process of exploration, scientists have found a mysterious tunnel. Will this mysterious tunnel be the evidence of the existence of prehistoric civilization?


Tunnels two billion years ago


This is a tunnel discovered by scientists by accident. After research, it has been discovered that this tunnel has been at least 2 billion years. At that time, before the emergence of human civilization, intelligent life has appeared on the earth, and is it living underground? When scientists walked into the tunnel, they found that the tunnel was connected with many places on the ground, and some architectural traces were found in the depth of the tunnel.


Undersea architecture


In addition, scientists have also found many buildings on the seabed, and the appearance of these architectural relics has been gradually restored, just like modern architecture. As we all know, human beings can’t survive in the ocean. Even though they gave birth to life, they still can’t conquer the ocean. However, how can scientists explain these architectural relics found on the seabed?


Some people think that maybe at that time, it was not a vast ocean, but a land. With the movement of the crustal plate, serious earthquakes and even tsunamis broke out here, and these villages were submerged under the sea. Although these villages have experienced thousands of years of clothing in the ocean, they are still relatively intact and play an irreplaceable role in the era of scientists.


In the whole process of archaeology, scientists have made many unexpected discoveries. Although we have become the overlord of the earth, there are still many relics waiting for human to answer. Perhaps before the emergence of human beings, there was civilization on the earth, perhaps because of the great changes in the earth’s environment, perhaps because of the survival of the fittest in nature, human beings have gradually stepped onto the stage of history, perhaps the earth’s civilization is undergoing a continuous cycle?

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