Indian little girl can still see things after closing her eyes, and scientists can’t explain it!

We usually compare the eyes to the windows of the human heart. Everyone has a pair of eyes. In China’s fairy tales, Erlang God has three eyes. Originally, it was thought that this was a piece of fairy tales. Unexpectedly, in the world, there is a little girl who really has a third eye. Even if she closes her eyes, she can still feel what’s going on outside. Is that true?

Have “the second”

3 eyes

”My little girl

This little girl is from India. In our opinion, it’s very strange to have a third eye. But in the eyes of local residents, it’s very common. How did the little girl find out that she had a third eye? When she closes her eyes, she can still see what’s going on in the outside world, and can still read, write and do normal daily activities. Slowly, this matter has spread to more and more people’s ears, and many scientists have come to explore. They want to find out what kind of secret is hidden in this girl.

Scientists’ experiments

The scientist first covered the little girl’s eyes with a piece of red cloth to make sure there was no gap between the red cloth and her eyes. Then the scientist took out all kinds of objects for him to distinguish. Unexpectedly, an unexpected scene happened. No matter what color the scientist took out, he could always tell the color accurately. This kind of thing simply made the scientist unbelievable, Some people think that this may be a little girl and scientists in collusion to cheat. In order to solve people’s doubts, the scientist asked a villager to take out a white note and write a paragraph, and put the note in front of the little girl. Unexpectedly, the little girl read it completely.

Human’s “the second”

3 eyes

This phenomenon is really incredible. The third eye we usually call is actually the human pineal gland. When we close our eyes, if someone points a sharp thing at our eyebrows, we can sense the danger. This little girl can not only sense the danger, but also accurately judge the surrounding environment, perhaps not just the pineal gland It’s the cause of the body.

Some people think that there must be some unspeakable secret in the little girl’s body. The third eye is hidden in her brain to help her judge everything around to protect herself. Until today, the little girl’s secret has not been solved by everyone, and the little girl has become a little famous local celebrity.

In fact, there are many supernatural phenomena in the world. There is no way to explain them scientifically. Just like the third eye of this little girl, although we can’t see or touch it, it is real. What do you think?

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