Granny vanga made a prediction for 2021. Many people are worried about whether it will be realized?

2020 is coming to an end. Looking back at what happened this year, it is really extraordinary in the eyes of many people. Endless natural disasters, rising temperatures and melting glaciers all wear away human patience. After seeing this year’s disaster, many people have come up with some forecasters’ predictions. Although many forecasts are different, they all mentioned the same year, that is 2020. Mars boy and Indian prophet Anand are no exception. What are their predictions for 2020? What will 2021 look like?

Mars boy

The prophecy of

When it comes to Mars boy, many people are already very familiar with him. At the age of 8, he once said amazing words, and many scientists also recognized him, including Hawking and others. At a school campfire party, he claimed that he was a Martian. At that time, due to a disaster, he had to escape to the earth. In the whole process, he told people about the rise and fall of Lemurian civilization, and many of the places mentioned were difficult to explain even many professionals. As the Martian boy became more and more famous, his mother took him to many interviews. In these interviews, the Martian boy also made predictions about the earth. It is shocking that some predictions are being verified.

The Martian boy once predicted that the earth will experience three disasters from 2011. Although these three disasters will not end human civilization, their impact can not be underestimated. The driving forces behind these three disasters are all related to water. Many people didn’t believe his prediction at first. As time goes on, the earthquake in Japan, the floods in Thailand and the super hurricane in New York seem to have confirmed what she said. Until now, he still has a large number of followers. Some time ago, his 23-year-old interview also spread on the Internet. He once predicted the year 2020. He claimed that the disaster in 2020 is only the beginning, and the earth will experience another catastrophe in 2050, which is related to the end of human civilization.



The prophecy of

In fact, in addition to Mars, there is also a prophet in Bulgaria. She has predicted many world events, and all of these predictions have been verified. Her name is babawanga, also known as mother-in-law wanga. She once predicted that the life of the earth would come to an end in 3797, but at that time, human beings had already gone to live on other planets, and even if the earth disappeared, it would not affect human beings. According to the statistics made by scientists, the prediction accuracy of 80000 plus is as high as 80%. Now that 2020 is coming to an end, she once predicted 2021. What will happen next year?

According to the reports of foreign media on December 23, babawanga’s prediction of 2021 is not optimistic. She thinks that the unusual experience in 2020 is only the beginning. For people who are physically and mentally tired, there will not be much improvement next year. She claims that by 2021, disasters will occur frequently, and people may have differences because of their beliefs, which may lead to disasters. Many people feel worried after hearing her prediction. Will it really be like this next year?

In fact, strictly speaking, her predictions did not leave a written record, so it is only left by word of mouth. We can’t be sure of the authenticity of these languages. If some predictions are used by people with ulterior motives, it will only cause people’s panic and unnecessary panic.

Now 2021 is coming, I believe that as long as people do not forget the original intention, then we should not be too bad. Xiaobian believes that after seeing all kinds of unusual things in 2020, many people already have faith in it. Only by living in harmony with the earth and protecting our planet can human civilization continue to develop. I don’t know what you think?

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