Australian mountain fire is burning again, with a high temperature of 49 degrees. It may burn to 2021!

Australian mountain fire is burning again, with a high temperature of 49 degrees. It may burn to 2021!

In the debate on whether 2020 is a cold winter or a warm winter, it is hard to avoid mentioning human industrialization and global warming. Scientists believe that if 2020 is about to usher in a warm winter, it has nothing to do with global warming, and the two large fires in the United States and Australia this year will be the main driving force behind global warming. At present, according to the report issued by the World Meteorological Organization, 2020 is likely to become the hottest year in history. Those who are interested can find the articles about the winter of 2020 before Xiaobian.

Damage from Australian fires

The fire in Australia seems to be a local fire, but the impact is global. According to the data measured by scientists, the global temperature is about one degree centigrade higher than the average level. After the global warming, a large amount of methane gas will be released, which will cause secondary warming to the earth. Therefore, the fire is just a fuse As a result, it will cause a series of problems on the earth. After one big fire after another, it will indirectly lead to the hottest year in 2020.

What’s more terrifying is that some parts of Australia have set a high temperature of 46 degrees Celsius. What’s the concept? In some parts of southern China, such as Wuhan, the temperature in summer is as high as 37 degrees centigrade, which is unbearable. The temperature in Australia is 9 degrees centigrade higher, which has already exceeded the limit that the human body can bear. This is formed under the background of global warming, and extreme high temperatures have appeared in different degrees all over the world.

The last fire in Australia lasted seven months from the summer of 2019 to 2020. After the fire was put out, the carcasses of animals could be seen everywhere, and the polluting gas caused by it circled the earth. About 3000 houses were burnt down, and the burning area exceeded 24 million hectares. I thought everything was over, but I didn’t expect another big fire in Australia. According to the current data, this mountain fire has been burning for seven weeks, with a burning area of 80000 hectares.

Will it continue to burn until 2021

The difficulty of putting out this fire is no less than that in 2019, because the local high temperature weather continues, coupled with the invasion of strong wind, leading to the fire getting worse, there is no sign of extinguishing. It is also said that the fire in Australia is likely to have a certain relationship with La Nina, and indeed has a certain impact. According to the data released so far, La Nina will reach its peak in winter this year, which will have different degrees of impact on the global climate. So will the fire last until 2021?

According to the weather forecast released in Australia, the possibility of temperature change in the future is not great. This time, it will also have an impact on the global climate. It is not only the fires in Australia that are dead and rekindled, but also in California. From the satellite cloud images, we can imagine the extent of the fires.

People all call 2020 an extraordinary year, but who has ever thought who caused these extraordinary things? What do you think of the burning fire in Australia?

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