Is “Kong Jia Yang long” recorded in ancient Chinese books really a dragon? What kind of creature is it?

Is “Kong Jia Yang long” recorded in ancient Chinese books really a dragon? What kind of creature is it?

Xia Dynasty is a mysterious Dynasty in Chinese history, and it is also the first hereditary Dynasty in China. Many people are very interested in this lost history.

In many ancient Chinese books, both Zuo Zhuan and historical records mention such a King Kong Jia in the history of Xia Dynasty. Although he was in power for only nine years, he did a great thing during this period, which has been popular among the people, and the outside world is full of wonder, that is, Kong Jia raised dragons recorded in ancient books. Now many scientists still doubt that the Dragon raised by Kongjia is really a dragon? What is this strange creature?

The story of Kong Jia raising Dragons

The story of Kong Jia’s raising dragons is like this. It is said that the four dragons Kong Jia got were given by heaven and earth, two males and two females. At that time, the dragon was very rare. In Kongjia, the number of dragons is particularly scarce. In order to keep dragons alive, he recruited many talents among the people, hoping that someone could help him keep them alive. So he found Liu Lei.

Unexpectedly, a dragon died in the process, which was a big crime at that time. He didn’t dare to tell Kong Jia about it, so he made the Dragon into a delicious food and gave it to Kong Jia. When Kong Jia ate it, he thought it was very delicious and unforgettable, so he asked Liu Lei to make the same food for him. In the face of Kong Jia’s request, Liu Lei can’t kill another dragon to eat. He ran away when he couldn’t think of a way. This is the story of Kong Jia raising dragons. Is the dragon in the story really the dragon in the ancient legend?

What is the real identity of “dragon”

Some people think that in the Xia, Shang and Western Zhou dynasties, the scope of human activities was very limited, and there were many places that were inaccessible. They were places that human beings had never been to, such as primeval forests and tall mountains and rivers. Maybe there were some creatures that we had never heard of. Maybe there were dragons among them, and what Kong Jia got might really be hearsay My dragon. After all, dragons are rumored creatures, and we can’t confirm their existence. Therefore, some people suggest that they may be dinosaurs that didn’t really die out on the Earth 65 million years ago, or they may be a giant living in the water. The reason why they disappear may be due to the progress of human civilization and the continuous expansion of human life, and these animals gradually lose their dependence The home of survival, climate change makes it difficult for them to adapt, and they can only disappear on the earth.

At that time, the Dragon raised by Kongjia recorded in ancient books may not be the dragon in the rumor, it may be another kind of creature. The records in historical materials have certain basis, otherwise they will not be recorded in historical records. These are all stories from thousands of years ago. We have no way to study their authenticity. After all, the world is so big that there are all kinds of strange things. We can’t decide whether there are dragons in the world in a short time. What’s your opinion on this? What do you think are the creatures raised by Kongjia?

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