Just one piece of ice No.7 can freeze all the oceans on earth? Is there any basis for this statement?

In the global warming situation, even in winter, we rarely see the ice on the eaves. In nature, it should be the most common natural phenomenon. In the scientific community, there are 18 kinds of ice forms. Among these kinds of ice discovered by scientists, the most mysterious one is ice No.7. Some people even claim that if a piece of ice No.7 is put into the sea, it will only take a few hours to freeze all the oceans. Is there any basis for this? Is the magic of ice 7 really so great?


Ice sample No.7


Scientists accidentally discovered ice 7 in 2018 when the scientific team was looking for natural diamonds. Generally speaking, the farther away from the earth’s surface, the greater the pressure, so there may be traces of ice No. 7 deep in the earth. Even if no ice 7 can’t be found, natural diamonds can be found. Even after the scientists extract the diamond, they leave the high pressure environment, but there is still a strong pressure inside the diamond. Therefore, No. 7 ice may appear in the diamond, which is the process of scientists discovering No. 7 ice.


Formation conditions


Under different conditions of pressure and temperature, the shape of ice is also different. The formation of ice No.7 is very strict. Now that scientists have found a sample of ice No.7, does it mean that if this ice No.7 is put into the ocean, the earth will be frozen? Scientists think that this view is very one-sided. The formation temperature and pressure of ice No.7 are indispensable. Generally speaking, to form ice No.7 means to reach 3 billion PA. Even if the pressure in the deep sea is only 100 million at most, there is no condition for the formation of ice 7 in the sea, so even if ice 7 is thrown into the ocean, it will only disappear in the ocean and will not freeze.


In addition to the temperature and pressure, if the asteroid hits the earth, it may also form ice No. 7 under the strong shock wave. But by that time, the formation of ice No.7 is meaningless, which means that the earth’s environment has undergone great changes, and all organisms have disappeared rapidly. Who can study ice No.7?


So, despite the magic of ice 7, it’s almost impossible for the earth’s environment to form ice 7 and freeze the entire ocean. When we see such a statement on the Internet, we must also maintain a scientific attitude. We must not follow others’ advice. That is to say, ice 7 can be formed in a short time, but this assumption is meaningless.


The more we explore, the more we will find our own ignorance. Although human beings have created a brilliant scientific and technological civilization, it is still a tiny dust in nature. In the future, there are still more mysteries waiting for human beings to solve. I don’t know what people think.

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