American men claim to have 16 reincarnations. Under hypnosis, they tell the story of the popular Pharaoh!

American man hypnotized, about 16 reincarnation, claimed to be the Egyptian Pharaoh! 、

Reincarnation is a very superstitious thing in our view. Under the premise that science dominates society, we should still believe in science. But on the other hand, even scientists can’t tell whether there are ghosts in the world and whether human beings have reincarnation after death. They can’t come up with accurate evidence. Just because of this, scientists have never stopped to study the “ghost”, so what did they find in the process of in-depth study?

Description of American men’s 16 samsara

In the United States, a man named Allen Lee, his experience attracted the attention of scientists, and even caused an uproar in the scientific community. The American man said that he had experienced 16 reincarnations in the past, and one by one described his identity and experience at that time, including the Egyptian Pharaoh and contact with aliens. All the descriptions were told after a hypnosis, which made people sound a little strange. Is there really reincarnation in the world?

Allen Lee said that he had been a pharaoh of ancient Egypt, but he was in power for a short time. He died after only three years. As a man who had never contacted Egypt, he accurately wrote the Egyptian characters and the language used in ancient Egypt at that time. And in the details of his contact with aliens, he talked more eloquently without any trace of lying.

In order to prove that what he said is true, the only way is to prove that its previous life really existed. Unexpectedly, in the process of collecting data, we found that the previous life he described actually existed. This also confirms the truth of Allen Lee’s words, but it is very difficult to confirm the relationship between aliens and interstellar crossing according to the current science. We don’t know where aliens are, so how can we talk about contact with aliens? Interstellar crossing is a distant dream of mankind, which can not be completed in a short time.

Does the soul exist

Scientists’ view of the universe and human soul will not disappear after a certain day of reincarnation In addition, a person’s consciousness will start a new life, which is just a guess, not confirmed by science.

In the face of such an explanation, many people have questioned that all these are illusions. All Allen Lee’s descriptions are said under hypnosis. Under hypnosis, a person’s consciousness is very vague. Allen Lee can produce hypnotic effect through psychological suggestion, and let him say these words through psychological suggestion. This is not the case The possibility is also very great. Some people have other opinions. Allen Lee’s words are not groundless, and some of them have been confirmed. So far, all these are unsolved mysteries. What do you think of them?

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