Dragon is a kind of fictional creature. There is no prototype on earth. Why is it listed in the zodiac?

Dragon is a kind of fictional creature. There is no prototype on earth. Why is it listed in the zodiac?


Most of the animals in the zodiac are common animals in life. They follow the basic line, which is very suitable for life. They don’t pursue the height blindly. There is only one kind of animal, which is the strangest, full of Fairy Spirit, and is labeled with mysterious color. It is the dragon. According to the relevant historical records, the dragon is a kind of creature that can walk through clouds and rain. It can not only fly, but also spray fire, which obviously does not exist in nature.


Why can dragons join the zodiac?


In the current natural environment, this kind of creature is not allowed to evolve. Dragon is a kind of creature that people are eager to explore. Everyone is eager to find its prototype on the earth. It is a kind of fictional creature. Why is this creature included in the zodiac? Ancient emperors called it the real dragon emperor. The Dragon means auspicious, which has a deep meaning. In addition, it has become the totem of the nation. Human beings like fantasy and have extraordinary imagination and recognition ability, which is far inferior to other creatures. Dragon is a kind of fictional creature. There is no prototype on earth. Why is it listed in the zodiac?


Human beings can connect irrelevant stars, form different shapes, and compile some fairy tales, just like the dragon is an imaginary creature. Why do people of different cultures and nationalities have dragon totems? Are they all the same? That’s a very small probability. According to the world’s view of dragons, the possibility of creating the same creature is very slim. Many scientists conclude that it is by no means a creature imagined by human beings, and it definitely has a prototype on earth.


Scientists have discovered something similar to a dragon


Once a scientist found a creature highly similar to the dragon, which is the cave newt. It is said that it can not eat or drink for several years. Although it is petite in size, its physical characteristics are similar to those of the dragon. The most recent record of a dragon was the fall of a dragon in Yingkou in 1934. At that time, people found a creature similar to a dragon. It was injured and couldn’t move. So they set up a shelter for it and passed it. In the next few days, there was a rainstorm, and the creature disappeared inexplicably.


On August 8 of that year, the white bones of another giant animal appeared, similar to the bones of mysterious creatures previously discovered. Experts conducted relevant investigations on this issue and confirmed that it was a baleen whale. In addition to this event, there have been many dragon related events in history. If the prototype of this creature lives in fresh water, what does it feed on? The emperor with the highest status in ancient times was represented by the real dragon emperor, which was not as simple as imagined. Did human beings see the real face of the Dragon long ago?


However, there are few records about dragons nowadays. Up to now, many people still believe that dragons are real creatures. They are not fictional, and some people hold opposing opinions. After all, the prototype creatures found on the earth are very different from them. Archaeologists have not found any fossils about dragons. These written records are far from enough. What do you think of this creature without prototype? You can leave a message for interaction.

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