The secret of the metal pillar has not yet been solved, and the “mysterious” boulder appears again in Turkey, with inscriptions!

Do aliens exist? Did they come to earth? This is still an unsolved mystery. Over the years, we have not given up looking for evidence that they are suspected to have aliens in many countries. Especially at the end of 2020, mysterious metal pillars appear in many foreign countries, and they suddenly appear and disappear one after another. If it’s not a human prank, is it a masterpiece of aliens?

Turkey’s “boulders”

The secret of the metal pillar has not yet been solved. According to foreign media reports, recently, a mysterious metal boulder was found in a small town in Turkey. The surface of the metal boulder is smooth, standing on the grass, shining with metal light. If you look carefully, you will find that there are two lines carved on the surface of the boulder, which translates as “look up at the sky, see the moon” ”。 Many people think that the emergence of metal boulders in Turkey, or metal pillars are inextricably linked, maybe this is just the beginning, maybe it’s really aliens greeting us.

According to the statistics of scientists, mysterious metal pillars have appeared one after another in the United States, Australia, Finland and other nine countries. Although the texture of these metal pillars is different, they appear frequently and disappear mysteriously, which makes people suspicious. In the eyes of many people, extraterrestrial life exists, and the degree of civilization is far higher than that of human beings. Because the earth has bred intelligent life, the earth has naturally become the target of aliens. They frequently appear in the sky of various countries, in fact, they are monitoring every move of human beings and changes in the earth’s environment.

Take these mysterious metal pillars for example. If this is really a human prank, the cost and time will be too high. At the same time, a performance art master came out to claim his own metal column. The artist claims that human beings are too tired now, and the endless natural disasters and epidemic situation have polished our confidence. He hopes to divert human attention in this way. But the artist only claimed his own technology, and many metal pillars are still unsolved.

Aliens coming?

These metal pillars are like scenes from the movie 2001 space odyssey. In the movie, the ancestors of human beings touch the mysterious metal pillar, which turns on the switch of civilization upgrading. Only then can human beings appear on the earth and become the overlord. Are these metal pillars related to movies?

In fact, Xiaobian thinks that these metal pillars have little to do with aliens. If extraterrestrial life really comes, it is impossible that the earth will not leave any traces. We have been looking for them for so many years, but they have come back in vain. Maybe there is a time difference between us and extraterrestrial life, and the signal we think we send out will only be received by them after tens of thousands of light years. I don’t know what you think?

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