The story behind the first human spacewalk: astronauts with 2 liters of liquid, dying

Spacewalk is a key step for human beings to go into space. Without the protection of the space capsule, human beings wear a spacesuit and directly face a series of extreme environments such as high temperature, low temperature, cosmic radiation and vacuum. If there is any mistake, it will be doomed. Let’s take a look at the story behind the first human spacewalk.

On March 18, 1965, mankind realized the dream of space walk for the first time. At that time, the Soviet Union launched the “ascent 2” spacecraft, carrying bereyaev and Alexei Leonov. During the flight of the spacecraft, Leonov carried out the first space walk of mankind.

Leonov was one of the first 20 Air Force pilots to be selected as Soviet astronauts.

At that time, Leonov put on a white spacesuit, left the airtight cabin of the spaceship for the first time, wore a seat belt, and moved for 12 minutes 5.3 meters away from the spaceship. Behind this historic moment, there was actually a thrill.

As the United States and the Soviet Union were in the space race at that time, both sides were eager for success and wanted to make a breakthrough in the space industry and strive to be the first person to realize the spacewalk, so the design of all aspects was quite hasty, even perfunctory.

So Leonov’s spacesuit inflated like a balloon in the vacuum of space, which not only limited his activities. Most of all, after “getting fat”, he can’t even get into the narrow space door to return to the spaceship, which means Leonov may be called an eternal space garbage.

Fortunately, Leonov risked losing pressure to open the valve of the spacesuit and deflate the spacesuit. At this time, the pressure was reduced, and finally he successfully returned to the capsule.

When he entered the cabin, his legs had to be stretched into the cabin first, which was conducive to closing the door with his hands. However, Leonov was too nervous. At the critical moment, he let his head into the cabin first, so that it became a problem when closing the door. Then he ventured to release the air from his spacesuit and finally closed the cabin door.

At that time, his heart rate soared to 190 beats per minute, and there was 2 liters more liquid in his spacesuit. At that time, the Soviet Union official said that it was because Leonov was too nervous, so he sweated so much. Here just imagine, if you met the situation at that time, it might not be sweating, but scared to pee your pants!

Before the end of the story, it was hard to get back to the spaceship, but the danger came one after another. When returning to the earth, the positioning system broke down, so we had to land manually, so no one knew which corner of the earth the capsule would eventually fall back to. Whether it could survive or not, it could be said that it was up to God.

As a result, Leonov finally landed in a deep mountain forest. At that time, he carried 2 liters of liquid and stayed in the snow at minus 20 degrees Celsius for a night. Until the next day, he was found by the search and rescue team. He was in a desperate condition. Finally, he survived with tenacious willpower and was rescued successfully. He became the first human to go out of the capsule in space.

Space workers are really a very dangerous job. If there is a slight mistake, they will be directly honored. Moreover, they may not be able to settle down and become space garbage. They are human heroes.

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