The world’s most “precious” race, there is always danger, 24 hours with protection!

Strange customs make these people tremble and have to seek shelter. Culture is really important!

The world is too big to hold. I don’t know how many people have the dream of traveling around the world. Most people think that the world is so big, I want to go and have a look. Human beings have the nature of freedom. They were born to have a look for themselves. Our ancestors originated in Africa and then migrated to the present. They have developed into human beings. The world is divided into seven continents and four oceans, and each place has different customs, which makes people yearn for.

Compared with people who prefer to travel to developed countries, there are delicious, delicious and fun places. There are also many ancient buildings from centuries ago. If it comes to Africa, few people are willing to go. Africa gives people the impression that it is dirty, messy and poor, and people can’t get enough food and clothing. It seems very poor, but there is a very strange phenomenon in Africa. This kind of phenomenon is their race. Every drop of blood in this kind of people is more valuable than gold, and they will be protected by a lot of police.

Africa is the birthplace of black people and human ancestors, and there are many large wild animals on the African prairie. Some people say that Africans are so dark, is it because of the sun? In fact, this is not the case, because they are born with dark skin and more melanin in their bodies. And Africans are very good at rap, jumping and sports. And among Africans, there is one kind of people with white skin. This white skinned African is actually an albino. Africans discriminate against whites, but people with albinism are not discriminated against locally.

But it is said that albinism is a very rare existence in the local, but also suffered from local persecution. The education level of the local people in Africa is not high, and they are especially superstitious. Moreover, the status of the local shamans is very high. What they say is equivalent to the Enlightenment Given by God, and no one is allowed to object to it, that is to say. If not that the flesh and blood of albino patients can be used to treat diseases, albino patients will not be persecuted, but in modern science, it is impossible to cure the disease.

There are many mythical works about journey to the West in China, in which the flesh of Tang monk is the legend of immortality. But there is no immortal myth in reality. And Immortality in reality is pure nonsense. The local people are also brainwashed by witches. If people with albinism are not careful, they are likely to be sold to the black market, and they will be divided. Because the local albino is very rare, it makes them very expensive

There are many wonderful things in the world, but most people feel very helpless about this kind of event, which shows how important culture is. What do you think of this incident?

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