Is what the Martian boy said true? The United States once asked “super powers” to observe Mars. What did they see?

In China’s mythology, as one of the heavenly generals, a thousand mile eye can see the world thousands of miles away, and even a hair can’t escape his eye. Although many people think this is just a fabricated story, in the real world, there are some super powers who can see things that ordinary people can’t see.

American superpowers

In the United States, there was such a superpower who could see beyond space. At that time, in 1972, American scientists found this super power man in order to carry out a remote vision experiment. At first, officials wanted to use his superpower to obtain information from other countries, but later, they found that the superpower could help them in space exploration. The superpower’s name was Swann. At that time, the CIA found a first-class team of scientists. The scientists conducted experiments on Swann and found that Swann could restore the location of the landmark through coordinates and draw a map.

What did he see?

Scientists conducted many experiments and found that he did not cheat, which also confirmed his super ability. In April 1973, Swann once again participated in the experiment in the United States. This time, the content of the experiment was incredible. Scientists asked Swann to see Jupiter. When he closed his eyes, only three minutes later, he declared that he had seen Jupiter, with a bright ring around it. As we all know, the first image data of Jupiter was obtained in November 1973. Before that, no one knew what Jupiter looked like and whether there were halos around it. Therefore, Swann was the first person to discover the halo of Jupiter.

When the scientists saw Swann’s achievements, they were very proud, so they let him try to observe other planets. In May 1984, Swann was asked to observe Mars. It was this experiment that revealed a shocking secret. At that time, the official immediately blocked the news after learning the secret. It was only exposed in recent years. What did he find?

What happened to Mars?

Swann said he found that pyramids appear on the surface of Mars, and the surface of Mars is uneven, which seems to have experienced a major natural disaster. When he continued to observe, he found that before the geological disaster, there were many creatures on Mars, and there were many buildings. And he seems to have seen a lot of giants in strange clothes.

If Swann’s story is true, it means the Martian boy is not lying. The Martian boy said a disaster had sent the Martians underground to survive. In the distant past, there was intelligent life on Mars, and it also created civilization. Until now, there are still many people who dispute his words. If scientists want to observe the universe, they have to use astronomical telescopes. However, Swann can see things beyond light years only with his naked eye. It’s unbelievable. I don’t know what people think?

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