It’s said that a piece of ice No.7 can freeze the global ocean. Is it true or is it groundless?

It’s said that a piece of ice No.7 can freeze the global ocean. Is it true or is it groundless?

The earth is a great planet, which breeds countless lives, provides abundant resources and abundant sunshine. If it wasn’t for it, maybe human beings would no longer exist. In our daily life, there are many resources are indispensable, such as water is the source of life, drinking water every day. If you don’t drink water for a long time, your body’s function will collapse, and there will be all kinds of problems. You can not drink water for a long time without eating for a day. The importance of water is self-evident.

Water is very common in life, almost everywhere. In many arid areas, water is just a rare substance for them. Many people in our life are still wasting water. We all know that water has three forms: solid state, liquid state and gas state. At room temperature, it is liquid state. If the temperature reaches 100 ℃, it will be converted into water vapor. If the temperature is below zero ℃, it will condense into ice water. It is a very magical substance. There are so many forms, and it will change with the increase of pressure and temperature Change by change. It’s said that a piece of ice No.7 can freeze the global ocean. Is it true or is it groundless?

When we discuss water, we will only consider the change of temperature. After all, the earth’s pressure is relatively stable. In fact, there is another form of water, namely ice No. 7. Many people do not know what kind of material ice No. 7 is. It is understood that ice No. 7 can rapidly freeze liquid water at the fastest speed. It is very rare. Some people have raised such a question. If there is ice No. 7 This kind of material exists, whether can let the whole earth’s sea water freeze, even the earth will be frozen.

If that’s the case, it’s really terrible. After all, there is no other material on earth that can achieve this effect. Most of the earth is covered by the ocean. If ice No.7 really exists, the world will change. So far, the total amount of sea water is very objective. It is inexhaustible for human beings. If we can make full use of sea water, the shortage of water resources in many areas can be solved. So, does ice 7 really have such great power?

It also belongs to a kind of material on the earth, or a common solid form, but the crystalline form is different, it has a great relationship with the pressure. Water has good fluidity, and the degree of freedom of liquid water is also very good, moving back and forth. A solid material will not have any displacement, it will only vibrate in place.

Ice No.7 is formed under great pressure. If the temperature is less than 1000 degrees Celsius, it will melt. Moreover, it does not have such a strong ability to absorb heat. It’s very rare in real life. It’s just a rumor that ice No.7 can freeze the sea water. After all, its situation is not stable, and it needs to keep heating up. 1000 ℃ is not the cover. What do you think of the legendary ice No.7? You can leave a message for interaction.

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