Is there a limit to the evolution of the human brain? After listening to the explanation of the scientists, I suddenly realized

It has been 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth. In such a long time, many creatures have been born on the earth, and some of them have even lived on the earth for hundreds of millions of years. In the end, only human beings evolved into intelligent life. It took only millions of years for human beings to grow from primitive life to intelligent life, which is a miracle of life.

The reason why human beings have been able to evolve into intelligent life and form human civilization in millions of years. It is the human brain that grows the fastest among all kinds of animals. It is the rapid growth and development of the human brain that makes human beings have wisdom, the ability to think and create, and let human civilization go out of the earth and begin to explore the universe.

The question has been raised: is there a limit to the evolution of the human brain? Scientists’ explanation is that human brain evolution has limits, but human intelligence has no limits. How to understand this? There are more than 100 billion neurons in our brain, and more than 100000 kilometers of nerve fibers are connected with each other. This is a huge number, much faster than the fastest computer in the world.

In the past two million years, the human brain has been growing up, about twice as large, and the growing part is almost in the same place, which is called the “neocortex”, which is in charge of our thinking, planning and decision-making. As the brain gets bigger and bigger, humans become smarter and smarter.

The computing speed of computer is much faster than that of human beings, which is unmatched by human boldness. However advanced the computer is, even with the rapid progress of artificial intelligence, the future artificial intelligence will be more powerful, but it can’t be compared with human brain. Computers or AI don’t have the ability to think, plan, etc. they only work according to the degree of design.

Why does the human brain have limits? It will not evolve all the time, and the brain will not get bigger and bigger. The main reason is to analyze it from the perspective of energy. Although the brain only accounts for 2% of the body weight, it needs about 25% of the energy of the human body, that is, about a quarter of the energy of our body is supplied to the brain. This is more than any organ. The bigger the brain grows, the more energy it needs. At this time, other organs will compete for energy.

In order to maintain the overall energy balance of the body, the brain can not grow up all the time, it must have a limit value, but now we can not determine the limit value of brain growth. In fact, according to the research of scientists, the human brain has stopped developing and growing tens of thousands of years ago. That is to say, the human brain is almost the same as that of tens of thousands of years ago.

For such a long time, the human brain has not continued to grow, which may also be related to the energy of the human body. The energy of the human body can only maintain the size of the current brain. In order for the human brain to continue to grow, it needs the body to become stronger, that is, to let the body evolve first. Although the human brain has not continued to evolve for tens of thousands of years, people’s intelligence is getting higher and higher, that is, people are becoming more and more intelligent.

There is an end to the evolution of the brain, but there is no end to human intelligence. Otherwise, there will be an end to the development of human civilization. Why is there no end to human intelligence? This is actually related to human thinking ability, imagination and creativity. The human brain will not grow up, but human beings are thinking, creating and carrying out various social activities every day.

These thinking, imagination and creation make the quality of human brain higher and higher. Although the brain does not continue to grow in size from the appearance, these neurons and neural networks inside the brain will develop more and more carefully, and each neuron will become stronger and stronger. There is no upper limit for this kind of strengthening. As long as human beings are still thinking and imagining, this strengthening will continue Go, the human intelligence will be higher and higher.

Maybe in a few tens of thousands of years, the human brain will be as big as it is now, but there will be great changes inside the brain. People will become more and more intelligent and intelligent. With the continuous improvement of human intelligence, imagination and creativity are also increasing, the development of human civilization will be more efficient and rapid, step by step to the top of the universe pyramid, and finally grow into the top civilization of the universe.

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