Life may have existed on Mars, and the road of human migration is getting closer and closer. Why do scientists worry?

In the decades of rapid development of science and technology, the exploration of various planets has accelerated, and Mars has become the most dazzling one in the exploration process of scientists. Today, the earth’s environmental situation is not as good as before. In order to survive, all countries have stepped up the pace of exploring Mars. Whether there is life on Mars has always been a controversial topic. Recently, scientists put forward such a view that if there is life on Mars, it may be a threat to human beings.

Human exploration of Mars is very bumpy. Since 1960, human beings have successively launched probes to Mars, but the launched probes did not reach Mars, and all of them fell in space. Until 1964, sailor 4 became the first probe to Mars, and the photos it took became the first key for human beings to understand Mars. From these photos, scientists have not found any trace of life on Mars.

Experts believe that life existed before Mars

In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, more and more probes have successfully landed on Mars, and scientists have a clearer understanding of Mars. Perhaps 4.3 billion years ago, the environment on Mars was not as bad as it is today. At that time, Mars had suitable temperature and rich oxygen, so there was life on Mars. Many people are overjoyed to see this conclusion. If life ever existed on Mars, it means that human beings can survive on Mars.

If Mars exists, life will threaten mankind

However, some scientists are worried about this conclusion. If life ever existed on Mars, it means that the earth is not the only livable planet. According to the prediction of scientists, there are hundreds of millions of livable planets in the Milky Way alone. Among these planets, life may evolve, and advanced civilizations like human beings will surely appear. In front of these civilizations, there will be more than 100 million livable planets Is human power small or powerful?

But we have not observed the existence of extraterrestrial life, just like Mars. If there was life before, why did it disappear? Scientists think this may be determined by the filtering rules in the universe. The evolution of life is long and bumpy. From the birth of life to its extinction, the universe and nature will throw out all kinds of problems and difficulties to survive the fittest. Perhaps at a certain node, they have not overcome the rules of cosmic evolution, so they are eliminated by the universe.

Although human beings have perfectly avoided all kinds of threats in the universe for tens of thousands of years, life on Mars is not lucky. Therefore, the existence of life on Mars is not a good thing for human beings. They did not stay in the long process of evolution. There is still a question mark on the livable road of human beings. Is it good or bad that life once existed on Mars?

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