Missed the first super moon in 2020? Don’t worry, it’s a pity, there’s a second time!

Missed the first super moon in 2020? Don’t worry, it’s a pity, there’s a second time!


2020 is a turbulent year. A lot of disturbing things have just happened at the beginning, but in the early morning of March 10, we should have had a dream at this time. On this day, the first super moon of this year appeared. The sun, the earth and the moon are directly in a straight line. You only need to watch it at this time point. At this time, the moon is the roundest. Many people stayed up late and photographed the scene they saw in the early morning of March 10 in order to watch the wonders. It has to be said that the scene at that time was extremely shocking. Many people were particularly curious about the appearance of the super moon. So what is the super moon? How did it come into being?


First of all, the meaning of super moon is very simple. It mainly refers to the full moon at perigee. When the moon is the most round, that is, when it is closest to the earth, the time difference between the two is about 24 hours, that is, the so-called one day. When they are closest, they are in the same straight line. In the early morning of March 10, we can only meet these requirements Super moon is called super moon by netizens. Missed the first super moon in 2020? Don’t worry, it’s a pity, there’s a second time!


It’s not only a full moon, but also a bigger and rounder moon than before. It’s shown in golden color. The best time to observe the super moon is 60 minutes before the moon appears and 60 minutes after it disappears. So many people think it’s a pity that they don’t see such a magnificent view.


Some scientists predict that maybe in another month, the super moon will appear again, and this time the moon will be closer to the earth than the moon on March 10, bringing better visual effect. So many people can’t wait. If that’s the case, you can see such wonderful scenery all over the world. The super moon is no longer a rare thing. So don’t feel sorry to miss the super moon on March 10. We will see it again soon.


In fact, such a phenomenon is extremely rare in real life. It is rare for us to see the moon in such a shape. The super moon means that it is bigger and more prominent than the ordinary moon, so it is extremely shocking when we watch it. To attract a large number of people to watch, it is mainly because many people place their best wishes and hopes on the moon. Since ancient times, many literati and poets place their feelings on the moon. The moon contains too many meanings, which is also the sustenance of human emotions.


The appearance of the super moon also indicates the progress of the times, so those who want to watch the super moon will see such magnificent scenery again in the evening of April 8 in the near future. Are you looking forward to the appearance of the super moon? You can leave a message for interaction.

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