42 light years from the earth, a “new earth” has been discovered, with 3 times more oxygen than the earth!

42 light years from the earth, a “new earth” has been discovered, with 3 times more oxygen than the earth!


Human science and technology have developed to a new height. Unfortunately, they have been staying on the earth. Many people want to use the existing science and technology to uncover the mystery of the universe. However, the universe is too vast. Even if they have entered the space for countless times, what they have learned is only skin.


For a long time, human beings have been eager to find a second home besides the earth and break the limitations of the earth. Obviously, the chance of finding it is becoming increasingly slim. During this period, human beings have not achieved nothing. In the process of exploration, scientists have also found a new earth. Through in-depth research, it shows that this new earth is completely suitable for human survival, mainly because its environment is highly similar to the earth. What kind of new earth is this? 42 light years from the earth, a “new earth” has been discovered, with 3 times more oxygen than the earth!


This new earth is called Kepler 452b, 1400 light-years away from the earth, which is still very far away. However, scientists have never given up on this planet, which will take a long time, unless science and technology will develop to a new peak stage, maybe we can reach this planet. In the process of research, scientists also found a planet very close to the earth, only 42 light-years. It is understood that this planet is rich in oxygen, at least three times that of the earth. As we all know, oxygen is an indispensable resource. Although it is colorless and tasteless, for every living creature, it needs to absorb oxygen every day to be able to breathe.


In terms of the thickness of oxygen, the planet discovered by scientists may be more alive than the life on earth. If there is life inside, it is likely to be more tenacious than the life on earth. There is no doubt that this is great news. Since the emergence of global warming, marine pollution and other problems, scientists have been worried. The destruction of the earth by human behavior has made the earth miserable. They can only speed up the search for another planet suitable for human beings.


Human beings claim to be the master of the earth, but their behavior has been hurting the earth. It’s not like being a master at all. It’s time for human beings to reflect on the future development. With the current level of science and technology, it is still difficult to land on other planets. There are too many unknowns. Scientists have to find out whether there are other life on that planet. If humans go there rashly, they may attack humans.


Scientists have no choice but to find a second home. After all, if the earth is really overburdened and human beings are not livable, they can only go extinct in the end. It’s time for human beings to wake up. All this is caused by human beings themselves. Only when human beings are aware of their own behavior and start to protect the environment and contribute their meagre efforts, can these difficulties be easily solved, and we can make progress There’s no need to look for a second earth. How do you feel when you see the face of the earth today? You can leave a message for interaction.

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