43 years ago, a big mysterious signal was captured, like it was deliberately formulated. Who sent it?

43 years ago, a big mysterious signal was captured, like it was deliberately formulated. Who sent it?


43 years ago, Voyager 1 was launched into outer space with a record. It carries a very heavy task. Its main purpose is to attract aliens and hope that they can actively reply to human beings through the record. The record contains a lot of important information about the earth, including the coordinates of the earth. After many years, scientists still did not hear any information about aliens, but received some mysterious signals, which made people think deeply.

In 1977, some researchers caught a strange signal, which was very different from the ordinary signal. It lasted only one minute and then suddenly disappeared. Later, after in-depth research, the researchers labeled the model “wow” and suspected that the aliens were transmitting a certain signal to humans. In recent years, it has become the main object of research, scientists generally believe that aliens are real, this big signal or the most direct evidence. 43 years ago, a big mysterious signal was captured, like it was deliberately formulated. Who sent it?


The frequency law of this signal


Since the discovery of this signal, scientists have made a careful survey of this area like chicken blood. Unfortunately, no similar signal has appeared. It seems that there is no trace. At that time, the signal frequency was very special, just like it was deliberately set. At this point, many people showed their curiosity. Could this signal be from other galaxies?

Through the data collected by scientists over the years, it can be preliminarily ruled out that it is not caused by other celestial bodies. After such a long time, the researchers still did not give up this signal, and some people even think that this is only an Oolong event, not real, because after receiving this signal, they never received the same signal again. Normally, once a signal appears, there will be a second time. Is it because aliens are joking with humans? Scientists put all the reasons on the computer. It’s possible that the computer will fail. If it’s a computer problem, then the frequency of this signal should be noisy and noisy. It’s not so smooth at all.


Who sent this big signal?


So there’s only another truth left. It may really have something to do with aliens. The signal is about 17000 light-years away from earth, and it’s hard to tell what it is. In 2017, scientists inadvertently received the same signal on a comet, and the frequency of that signal was basically the same, so they decided that the signal at that time might not have direct contact with aliens, it was just a signal from a comet.

Hearing this, many people feel depressed. After studying for so many years, they didn’t expect to find any trace of aliens. Although UFOs always appear in the sky these years, many evidences point to aliens. After deep research, we unexpectedly found that they have little relationship with aliens. Hawking also warned human beings that they should have less contact with aliens. Although they have not appeared yet, it does not mean that they do not exist. They should always be vigilant on the way to explore the universe. Do you think the “wow” signal received in 1977 really has nothing to do with aliens? You can leave a message for interaction.

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