500 million light years ago, is sending out wireless signals, alien civilization is “calling earth”?

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Hundreds of years ago, with the help of science and technology, mankind finally realized the dream of flying to the sky and walked out of the earth. When we stand outside the earth and see the vast universe, we all feel the insignificance of the earth and human beings.


Before human beings go out of the earth, they always fantasize about the world outside the earth, which should be a very lively and wonderful space. But what we really see in outer space is not as beautiful and wonderful as we thought, with ultra-low temperature, ultra cosmic radiation and dark atmosphere. The whole universe feels so cold and cruel to us.

It turns out that we didn’t see the lively scene in the universe. Until now, we haven’t found any extraterrestrial life and civilization. Is man the only intelligent life in the universe? From the perspective of the vast universe, this possibility is very small. Most scientists believe that alien life and alien civilization exist, but they may be very far away from us, and we have no strength to detect them.

If the alien civilization is very far away from the earth, there is no way for human beings to go to the field to explore before they realize the technology of superluminal flight. Does that mean that we have no hope to contact with alien civilization before that? Of course not.


Although we can’t explore and search for alien civilization without superluminal technology, it is possible that there will be intelligent civilization much stronger than human beings in the vast universe. These intelligent civilizations may also be trying to connect with other civilizations in the universe, and the way to connect may be radio waves.

The speed of radio transmission is very fast. The wireless transmission we are using can reach the speed of light. And this speed is not the limit of interstellar communication. If a civilization has mastered quantum entanglement technology and developed quantum communication, it is possible to realize superluminal wireless communication.


As long as we can receive this kind of signal of alien civilization that may exist in the universe, we can also communicate without meeting each other, at least let us know clearly that alien civilization exists. We can even use signals to locate the galaxies where alien civilizations are located.

The vast universe is filled with numerous radio waves, most of which are emitted by various celestial bodies. For example, planets, Hengde and nebulae will produce radio radiation, and special neutron stars such as pulsars can emit strong and regular radio signals.

In addition to these celestial radio signals, there is another kind of radio wave in the universe that is extremely strong. The energy released in a few milliseconds is equivalent to the sum of all the energy released in the life cycle of a star. This phenomenon is called fast radio burst (FRB) in radio astronomy.


Fast radio storm is the most intense wireless signal wave in the universe known by human beings. Its wireless wave can even transmit more than 10 billion light-years, which shows how powerful and terrible its initial burst energy is. Scientists have been trying to solve the mystery of rapid radio bursts, trying to find out what its origin is?

Some scientists believe that FRB may be emitted by neutron stars or violent black holes. Some scientists boldly speculate that these super strong radio waves may come from advanced civilizations deep in the universe. They are sending signals out, hoping to get in touch with other intelligent civilizations in this way.


If radio waves are generated by advanced alien civilizations, they will be very regular. Although regular radio waves are not necessarily emitted by alien civilizations (such as pulsars), as long as they are signals emitted by alien civilizations, they must be regular.

Since 2007, astronomers have found more than 100 fast radio bursts in all directions of space. After research, it is found that only 10 of them are repetitive signals, and no FRB shows regularity. But this situation is changed by a new FRB.

A new exploration study shows that 500 million light-years away, a spiral galaxy is regularly sending out fast radio storm radio signals. The study found that the FRB would release one or two radio pulses per hour for about four days, and then restart after 12 days of silence.


Such a regular FRB, from the earth’s perspective, sounds like the distant deep space is constantly sending “call signals” to us. By tracking this signal, we found its origin, which is a dwarf galaxy 500 million light-years away from the earth. So is this signal from celestial bodies or from alien civilizations?

For this, scientists are still exploring and studying, and more researchers speculate that its origin may be stars or black holes that produce super strong radio waves due to some conditions, and then spread around the universe. Some people think that this may be from pulsars, because only pulsars can emit very regular radio signals in the known celestial bodies.


Of course, these are just some conjectures of scientists. What is the origin of rapid radio bursts? More observation and research are needed. Only by finding more FRB signals can we have more data to analyze, so as to find the real mystery behind.

For many ordinary viewers, it is natural to hope that the rapid electric storm is the result of alien civilization, because it may be the best way for human beings to have hope to communicate with alien civilization. But if, in the near future, scientists finally confirm that FRB is indeed a super strong radio wave sent to the universe by the advanced civilization in the distant starry sky, can we reply to such a signal?

Perhaps in the eyes of many people, we have finally learned that rapid radio bursts are generated by advanced civilizations. What a rare opportunity it is to be able to connect with alien civilizations. We should actively respond to the signal and wait for the visit or reply of alien civilization. Is it really as beautiful as we think?


I believe many friends have heard of the dark forest law. Some scientists have put forward that there is also the dark forest law in the universe. It may be very common for powerful civilizations to bully and destroy low-level civilizations. Hawking has also repeatedly issued a warning: to remind mankind not to try to contact with alien civilization.

From the perspective of intelligent life, we should understand that not all alien civilizations are friendly. There are all kinds of contradictions within human beings, which lead to disputes of different sizes, so different intelligent civilizations may be more cruel. In the eyes of advanced civilization, human beings may be tiny ants and will not take us seriously.


Once human beings respond to the signal from advanced civilization, then advanced civilization will know that there are human beings in the solar system of the galaxy. And then send a spaceship to visit the earth. It’s hard to know whether this kind of visit is friendly or malicious.

If it is friendly, human beings may benefit from it, so that human science and technology can achieve a leap forward and become an interstellar civilization earlier. But if it is malicious, it is likely that the earth and human beings will be destroyed, and human civilization will end and disappear into the universe.

Xiaobian once read a science fiction novel. The advanced civilization of the universe in the novel is to find other intelligent civilizations by sending radio waves to all directions of the universe. If an intelligent civilization responds to such a signal, then a high-level civilization will destroy it. In fact, the purpose is very simple, that is, it does not want other low-level civilizations to develop into high-level civilizations, thus threatening its own hegemony in the universe.

It can be seen that human beings should be alert to alien civilization, and we should not reply to the suspected signals of alien civilization. It’s about the continuous development of science and technology, when we are really strong and become a high-level civilization, and then go to the depths of the universe to explore and communicate with other civilizations. Weak countries without diplomacy also adapt to the universe between civilizations, low civilization in front of high civilization, there is no right to choose.

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