500 years ago, the ancient paintings, suspected of “wearing glasses man”? Is it true to travel through time and space?

The wisdom of the ancients is infinite. Chinese culture has lasted for more than 5000 years. Our ancestors have also left us precious material wealth. Chinese dynasties have changed for several generations, and each dynasty has its own representative works. When it comes to the Song Dynasty, many people think of Zhang Zeduan’s Qingming Riverside, whose value can not be underestimated until now.


In fact, in addition to the picture of Qingming River, there was also a painter in the Ming Dynasty who described the prosperity of Nanjing. This painting is called the picture of the southern capital, which enjoys a high position in Chinese history. In addition to the high artistic attainments, the reason why this painting is so popular is that people find something incredible in it. What’s the matter?



Southern Metropolis



The author of this painting is Qiu Ying. In ancient times, the social class was serious. We all know that many painters learned painting from childhood. Their family strength was relatively strong, but he was born in a poor family. In order to support his family, Qiu Ying became a painter when he was young, but he never gave up his dream of painting. Through his unremitting efforts, he finally became a famous artist. Although we don’t know the date of Qiu Ying’s birth, through the research and analysis of experts on this painting, we can judge that it appeared in 1520, more than 500 years ago.


This painting has become a national key cultural relic. Although we take good care of it, after hundreds of years of evolution, the damage to this painting is still very serious. At first, the painting was not shown to the public, until later, a scanned copy of the painting was made public. Human beings have just seen the prosperity of Nanjing hundreds of years ago. The streets are full of people and the architectural decoration is very prosperous. We can see people from all walks of life and children playing in the picture. This painting makes the prosperous scene of Nanjing appear in front of human beings, and we can have a better understanding of that era. But when scientists enlarged the painting and studied the details, they found that there was a man wearing glasses in the picture.


Man with glasses


The man with glasses is looking at the chessboard in front of him. It seems that he is worried about the future trend of the chessboard. Many people wonder that this painting was made 500 years ago. Did glasses come out at that time? After seeing this phenomenon, netizens also exclaimed that it is magic. Does time travel really exist? In order to solve this puzzle, scientists have read many historical books and finally found that glasses were recorded in the Song Dynasty. At that time, there was a work called dongtianqinglu, in which there was such a description. At that time, because the old man couldn’t read clearly, he took something to cover his eyes and immediately became bright. This may be a legend The glasses in the game.


Of course, it is also recorded in some historical books that glasses were first invented in China, but only with Marco Polo’s arrival in China did they go to the West. I don’t know what you think when you see this?

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