500 years ago, the frozen woman’s body was found, her right hand clenched, what’s the secret?

500 years ago, the frozen woman’s body was found, her right hand clenched, what’s the secret?


Since entering the modern society, all walks of life have made great progress. Take the archaeological industry for example, many archaeologists have discovered more and more ancient civilizations in the process of excavation, which are full of the painstaking efforts of the ancients. There are many secrets behind every ancient civilization. Speaking of the ancient corpse, it is a very special existence with the cultural characteristics of the times. There are many well preserved ancient corpses not only in China, but also in other countries.


In 1995, two archaeologists started their archaeological journey. In the process of entering, due to the complete eruption of the nearby volcano navado, the surrounding ice melted instantly. When the volcano stopped, they continued to move forward. Suddenly, a scientist gave a cry of surprise. It turned out that on the edge of a cliff, they found a magical statue, which at first glance turned out to be ancient Chinese It is the product of Ming. 500 years ago, the frozen woman’s body was found, her right hand clenched, what’s the secret?


This discovery further aroused their curiosity, so they went on. Of course, when they reached the peak, they suddenly found a cloth package. This cloth package was very strange. When they came closer, they found that it was a mummy. They quickly broke the ice, took out the mummy and quickly brought it back to the foot of the mountain for research. After in-depth understanding, we know that this mummy is only 12-14 years old. She is a little girl. Her face is completely expressionless, and even her limbs are frozen stiff.


The scientist who studied the frozen mummy is kondner. He named the mummy Juanita and carried out in-depth research. The research shows that the mummy has a history of more than 5000 years and analyzed the DNA. Originally, it came from the Inca kingdom. The clothes on her body are gorgeous, especially the red and white striped Cape. It is a very precious Inca fabric, which shows her extraordinary status.


The strange thing is, why did she die? At the same time, scientists found that her right hand has been dragging the corner of her clothes, which shows that she is very painful and nervous in front of her body. Scientists have launched a wealth of speculation, some people think that the little girl is used as a sacrifice, every important festival, they will hold a ceremony, the little girl became a sacrifice. So far, this tradition of sacrifice to living people has not been completely eliminated. This behavior is so terrible that ordinary people can hardly imagine it.


Why the death of Juanita, a very young girl, has become an unsolved mystery. Scientists can only keep guessing. After all, no one has witnessed the death of Juanita. From her actions and dress, it can be seen that the little girl suffered a lot during her life, otherwise her right hand would not be holding the corner of her clothes tightly. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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