50000 troops have disappeared. Have they crossed time and space? Two thousand years later, scientists made a discovery!

The development of human civilization is always accompanied by war, and the rise of each dynasty and country is also achieved through war. Some people say that the history of human civilization is actually a history of war, and there are traces to follow. Since ancient times, human beings have carried out tribal expeditions for habitat and food resources. In the 6th century BC, the ancient Persian Empire also expanded its territory with its strong fighting capacity. At that time, the Persian Empire sent 50000 troops to conquer the Arab League, but these 50000 troops suddenly disappeared. Did they cross time and space?


50000 troops suddenly disappeared


These 50000 troops disappeared suddenly after arriving at an oasis. It’s really puzzling that so many people suddenly disappeared in front of human eyes. This has also aroused the interest of many archaeologists. Scientists have been trying to solve the unsolved mystery for so many years, but it has not been particularly ideal. Therefore, some people think that this may be just a legend in history, but it has not It really happened. Until the 21st century, two Italian scientists made important discoveries in the process of archaeology. They claimed that they had found 50000 troops.


The discovery of scientists


Since 1996, the two scientists have been searching for the lost 50000 troops. Now, more than ten years later, they have found human mummies and copper weapons in a mysterious cave. After experimental analysis, they found that these copper weapons probably appeared in the 5th century BC. This phenomenon aroused their curiosity. They thought that the cave must be not simple, so they continued to explore. Finally, they found that there was a tomb near the cave, in which hundreds of human remains were buried. They analyzed the remains and found that they are very consistent with the period of the ancient Roman Empire. So they think they have found the legendary 50000 troops, but it will still take a long time to solve the mystery of their disappearance.


Some people have also raised such a question. It is clear that the army of 50000 people has disappeared. Why are there only hundreds of remains in this tomb? Scientists think that maybe these troops had a rest when they passed through the oasis town. When they finished their rest, they left the town and moved on. When they entered a desert, these soldiers began to stop eating. Unexpectedly, a big storm broke out in the desert, and no one of these soldiers could escape.


The environment in the desert was very bad. At that time, human beings did not mention it in front of the natural interface, so a large number of soldiers were buried in the thick sand. With tens of thousands of years of wind and sun, the remains of these soldiers also fell to all parts of the world with the wind and sand.


Of course, these are also the current conjectures of scientists. Finding the bones of soldiers is only the first step. The next step is to restore the truth of that year. As for the result, let’s wait and see.

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