6.5 billion kilometers away from the earth, Voyager 1 sent back photos, a sense of frustration suddenly hit!

6.5 billion kilometers away from the earth, Voyager 1 sent back photos, a sense of frustration suddenly hit!


Since thousands of years ago, human beings have been longing for outer space. Up to now, human beings still remember outer space. In ancient times, human beings could only look up at the dark night sky and guess the real appearance of the universe with their rich imagination. It was not until the rapid development of civilization, science and technology, and mankind finally landed in outer space that there was a breakthrough in the field of aerospace.


The journey of human exploration of outer space


Gagarin was first sent into space in 1961, which was a big step for human beings to go out into space. We thought that after this big step, human beings would have more opportunities to understand the universe, but we did not expect that human beings overestimated their ability. More than half a century has passed, mankind’s understanding of the universe is still only superficial. Its mystery and vastness have already exceeded the range predicted by mankind. Even the solar system in the universe has not stepped out, let alone the universe. 6.5 billion kilometers away from the earth, Voyager 1 sent back photos, a sense of frustration suddenly hit!


In 1977, Voyager 1 was successfully launched. It represents human beings and the earth. In order to confirm whether there are other intelligent civilizations in the universe, human beings specially put a CD of the earth on Voyager 1. Once captured by those civilizations, they may take the initiative to contact human beings. Obviously, this kind of operation of human beings is pedantic and has never thought of the consequences, which is very important It could be burning. Hawking also warned human beings not to try to contact alien civilizations. If they were enraged, they would not be able to compete with them with the power of human beings. Instead, they would be defeated by them.


Voyager one sent back a picture


The reality is cruel. Human beings are full of hope, but they have been thrown a basin of cold water. Countless scientists have sunk into the bottom of the valley. Fortunately, Voyager 1 did not launch in vain. It sent back a picture for human beings about 65 kilometers away from the earth, and scientists have made important discoveries. However, after seeing this picture, the scientists were not overjoyed, but a sense of frustration suddenly struck, because a small blue dot appeared in this picture, which is the earth we live on. Once again, scientists realized how small the earth is in the universe, and it is not surprising that human beings are like a grain of sand. When Voyager 1 took a picture of the earth from afar, scientists were disappointed.


The earth is just a corner of the solar system. Human beings should be grateful to the earth. It is the earth that gives birth to all things that makes human beings. After that, Voyager 1 will communicate with the earth once every three months on average. About five years later, Voyager 1 will lose contact with the earth completely. Because scientists predict that Voyager 1 will expose the earth’s coordinate position, which may lead to human death. So far, human beings have not found any trace of aliens.


In fact, our understanding of the universe is rather superficial. We are just looking at the universe from a perspective. With our existing ability, it is impossible for us to escape from the solar system and travel back and forth in the universe. Every time human beings explore outer space, they are like walking around the abyss, exposed to danger all the time. We don’t know whether the alien civilization is good or bad. They have been hindering the pace of human exploration of the universe. What do you think of the picture that Voyager 1 once sent back? You can leave a message for interaction.

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