6.5 billion kilometers away from the earth, Voyager 1 sent back photos, a sense of loss suddenly hit!

6.5 billion kilometers away from the earth, Voyager 1 sent back photos, a sense of loss suddenly hit!


The rapid development of science and technology has driven all walks of life, especially in the field of aerospace. The outer space, once unthinkable to human beings, was able to land successfully. When we really stepped out of the earth, we realized that human beings are small. Even the earth is as small as a grain of sand, not to mention human beings. It’s hard to imagine that such a small planet could give birth to life full of vitality every time In the space program, scientists are ready and eager to get new information.


In fact, the universe is far more vast than we think. Human understanding of the universe only stays on the surface. The space field is a great challenge. The main purpose of mankind’s continuous launching of detectors and satellites is to have a deeper understanding of the universe. In history, many astronauts have entered outer space. The environment of outer space is harsh, which has high requirements for the physical quality of astronauts. In addition, a lot of space radiation has brought many potential threats to astronauts. 6.5 billion kilometers away from the earth, Voyager 1 sent back photos, a sense of loss suddenly hit!


Data information discovered by Voyager 1


In 1977, the successful launch of Voyager 1 gave scientists more hope. It seems to be transmitting the signal of human existence to the depths of the galaxy. After decades of flight, Voyager 1 has brought back too much data and information for human beings. Scientists have also found that there is the Kuiper belt at the edge of the sun. There are Oort clouds outside it, and perhaps more unknown areas, but human beings have not yet been able to break through this limitation.


Everyone wants to escape from the solar system. To really leave, we not only need to rely on the Oort cloud, but also take a very long time. A person’s life span is only a few decades, and it takes tens of thousands of years to fly. For human beings, this is an unattainable thing. Voyager 1 once took a group of photos 65 kilometers away from the earth. When scientists saw this photo, they were completely shocked. It showed us the environment of the solar system. The whole solar system looked dark and could only see the only bright spot.


The impression of that dim little blue dot


Shining in the boundless dark night, it is extremely small. There is a dim blue dot around it, that is, the earth we live on. This photo makes scientists lose their spirit instantly. In fact, everything is in their expectation. There are too many stars larger than the earth in the universe. The earth is a dim little blue dot, which is not unusual. Although scientists know it well, they will feel lost when they see this picture. No one can believe that our planet will be so small.


Even if everyone has the idea of flying out of the solar system, the probability of realization is very small. Scientists have been praying silently that Voyager 1 can bring more useful data and information and find out the real meaning of human existence. The result may not be satisfactory, but the process is very meaningful. There may be loss and surprise. All these are human emotions towards the universe. Look How do you feel about this group of photos sent back by Voyager 1? You can leave a message for interaction.

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