6.5 billion kilometers away from the earth, Voyager 1 sent photos, a sense of frustration suddenly hit!

6.5 billion kilometers away from the earth, Voyager 1 sent photos, a sense of frustration suddenly hit!


At the end of the 19th century, some scientists boasted that the high-rise building had already been built, and that it would only be repaired later. It was not until the 20th century that they realized the seriousness of the problem and how ridiculous they were.


Human cognition of nature has great limitations. Fortunately, with the emergence of many inventions, human beings have finally broadened their horizons. For example, the plane developed by the Wright brothers can arrive at any distance quickly, and it can also let us touch the sky more closely. Those scientists who died, put forward a lot of relevant remarks, which are closely related to space, provide more ideas for future generations, and human beings also usher in new challenges. When human beings really walk out of the earth, they will know their own insignificance. 6.5 billion kilometers away from the earth, Voyager 1 sent photos, a sense of frustration suddenly hit!


What does the earth look like from the perspective of the universe?


The earth is like a small blue dot in the universe, which can be almost ignored. The universe is endless, not to mention human beings. In order to have a deeper understanding of the universe, human beings have launched many detectors one after another, among which Voyager 1 has brought great breakthroughs to human beings. Voyager 1 sent back a lot of data, so that human eyes are no longer limited. Once it was 65 kilometers away from the earth and took a picture. What’s the content of this picture?


If you look carefully, you will see several bright spots. These bright spots are the eight planets, which are so inconspicuous in the universe. This picture is still high-definition, which makes human beings feel deeply frustrated. At the same time, there is a dim blue spot, which is the earth on which human beings depend. It is like a grain of sand, which is totally inconspicuous. For such a long time, human beings have been trying to find the super earth, but they have not been able to reach it. This sense of frustration is emitted from the inside out. The universe is so big that it has already exceeded the scope of human cognition. It took Voyager 1 more than 40 years to reach the boundary of the solar system.


Why is there a sense of frustration?


If you really want to know the end of the universe, maybe it’s just a beautiful fantasy. A person who goes through all kinds of hardships, but does not get the answer he wants, inevitably has a sense of frustration. This sense of frustration will not knock down a person, but will be more frustrated and more brave. Scientists have never stopped studying the universe. The diameter of the universe has reached 93 billion light-years. There are still many challenges waiting for human beings. It would be ridiculous to let us give up completely just because of these small failures.


Human beings are creatures with curiosity. They should make their best efforts in their lifetime. At least they don’t live in vain. Maybe there are many secrets in the universe that human beings can’t know, but at least they have tried and never gave up. Even if the ending is not happy, they don’t leave any regrets. Countless challenges in the universe require human beings to work hard and explore more unknown possibilities. Only in this way can human beings have the opportunity to reveal the unsolved mysteries in the universe. What do you know about the universe? You can leave a message for interaction.

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