61 year old self-made rocket launched, just to prove that “the earth is flat”!

Some time ago, there was a saying popular on the Internet: “the earth is flat”, and even many fanatical “believers” tried to prove to the world that the earth is not a sphere in a lot of ways. Xiaobian, let’s not say who is right and who is wrong for the moment. After all, ordinary people like us really have no ability to comment on such an unproven truth.


But what Xiaobian is going to say today is not really this, but it is really related to the “theory of horizon”. This is not true. A 61 year old man from the United States named “Mike Hughes” is a fanatic of horizon theory. In order to prove that this theory is correct, he devoted himself to studying rocket theory at home and finally successfully launched on March 24. Although the rocket has only risen 571.5 meters, for an ordinary person, it is very powerful.


He originally set the launch plan for November 2017, but due to some technical and procedural problems, the plan was postponed to March 24 this year. Of course, the individual launch rocket is not as powerful as a certain national organization. Hughes originally planned 350 psi thrust was not fully exerted, only 340 psi. This is the main reason why the rocket only rose 571.5 meters.


In fact, this is not the first time Hughes launched a rocket. As early as 2014, Hughes launched a homemade rocket, but the flight altitude was not as high as it is now, only 419 meters. Due to some flaws in the planning process, there was a little accident in that rocket launch. Hughes fell from high altitude and sat in a wheelchair for two weeks.


When a reporter interviewed Hughes, he asked Hughes what he thought he might be seriously injured. Hughes said that he had thought about it. Although there were some failures this time, and the rocket landed and fell in two, he was very happy when compared with his idea that he would spend the rest of his life in bed before starting, at least now he is very healthy.


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