Does soul really exist? Scientists have a new explanation for the soul

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Human beings are the only intelligent life on the earth. The earth is a life world rich in species, with millions of different kinds of life. In so many biological worlds, human body strength is not very strong, but why can we become the overlord of the earth and stand at the top of the food chain? In fact, many people know that the reason is that human beings have great wisdom.

The reason why we are intelligent life and advanced life is that we have advanced wisdom. Human beings rely on wisdom to dominate the earth, rely on wisdom to develop rapidly, and entered the era of science and technology hundreds of years ago. When human beings enter the era of science and technology, they begin to use the power of science and technology to understand the world, explore the world, and constantly uncover the mystery of all things in the world.

Among the many mysteries, one has always puzzled scientists, that is, the existence of the soul. When we talk about the soul, many people will think of the ghosts in the legend of ancient times. Yes, the soul we call now is actually similar to the ghosts that have been handed down in ancient times.

I believe many people know that in the long years of human civilization, there have been many myths and legends. In these myths and legends, there are both gods and ghosts. For these legendary souls, we used to treat them in a superstitious way. We thought that the soul could not exist. It was just something invented by the ancients.

But when human beings enter the era of science and technology, with the rapid development of science, we have more understanding of the world and the nature of all things. Especially in the micro world, with the continuous in-depth study of quantum mechanics, we have to rethink the problem of soul. I believe that when many friends learn some scientific knowledge on the Internet and see discussions about souls, few scientists deny them completely.

This shows that the attitude of scientists towards the soul is also changing. Perhaps many scientists have discovered some unusual secrets about the soul through some research and exploration. We can’t treat the soul completely with superstition, so does the soul really exist? Modern science can’t give a definite answer.

Why did the ancients have the legend of soul? In fact, this is the ancient people’s hope for immortality. I believe we all know that there is a law of life and death in life. No matter it is a simple microorganism or a high-level life, human beings can not escape the fate of death. The difference is that life without wisdom is very calm about death, while human beings with wisdom are different. I believe that everyone expects to live longer, and many people have a dream of eternal life.

The ancients’ dream of immortality is much stronger than that of modern people, but the human body can not live forever, so the ancients put forward the idea of immortality of soul. In the legend of the soul, we all know the theory of reincarnation, that is, the soul returns to the world again, and then lives for another life. The ancients constructed a concept of immortality of nothingness. At the same time, because of its nothingness, it can not be recognized by the naked eye, but also conforms to the desire of human immortality, so it has been spread.

So what does modern science think of the soul? Although from a scientific point of view, we can not completely deny the existence of soul, but scientists’ definition of soul is very different from that of the ancients. Scientists believe that the soul and the quantum mechanics of science may have many similarities.

As we all know, quantum mechanics is the greatest science in modern times. It is a science to study and explore the micro field. And we also know that any matter or thing in this world is essentially composed of various particles, including the human body, which is also composed of various micro particles. There are electrons in the human body. When a person grows old and approaches death, the electrons in the body will leave the human body and disperse into the universe.

If the soul is a polymer of electrons, it’s normal that we can’t see nature. This is very similar to the soul in the legend. In essence, the electron is also a kind of energy, so the soul may also be a kind of energy aggregate. After a person’s death, the electrons leave the human body. These electrons may gather together for a period of time. By chance, some people can see them unintentionally.

So, sometimes we hear that some people have seen ghosts, and the so-called ghosts may be that the electrons that make up the soul have disappeared completely. The idea that the soul is made up of electrons is still a speculation, and scientists have no better way to study and explore the mystery of the soul.

However, with the continuous progress of science and technology, if the soul is really a collection of particles, then we may be able to see this kind of polymer through the instrument after death by relying on the power of science and technology. If we see it through the instrument, maybe no one will doubt the existence of the soul. Of course, even if the soul is a collection of particles, then it may be very different from our ordinary cognitive particles.

Although modern science can not confirm the existence of soul, there is no doubt about the existence of consciousness. Scientists have been studying and exploring the mystery of human consciousness, and some even suggest that consciousness may be the soul. When a person is alive, he has consciousness. When consciousness is gone, it means that he has lost his life. The existence of consciousness also enables scientists to have a new understanding of the mystery of the human body.

Some scientists speculate that the human body may be composed of two parts, one is the various organs and tissues that we can see, and the other is consciousness. Brain is the carrier of consciousness. With consciousness, a person can be called intelligent life. When a person dies and the body dies, does consciousness die with him? Scientists have no answer to this question.

A scientist once did a consciousness recovery experiment with the dead pig brain. Although it didn’t really recover the consciousness of the pig brain, there was a trace of recovery in the process of the experiment. Through an experiment, scientists speculate that consciousness may not die with the human body. If consciousness is the soul in the legend, then the theory that the soul is immortal may not have some truth.

So scientists put forward a hypothesis: can we achieve immortality by preserving consciousness? In short, we download and save a person’s consciousness. Even if the body dies, then the consciousness can be reloaded into a new carrier to achieve rebirth. Some people may think that how can such a thing be realized? Will scientists explore this?

In fact, the experiment of exploring the download and preservation of consciousness has already begun, and many famous scientists from all over the world participate in it. Thus, in the exploration of immortality, modern people are more crazy than the ancients. Unlike the ancients, the ancients can only dream of immortality, to imagine the legend of immortality of the soul.

With the support of science and technology, we can look at the issue of soul and consciousness from a more essential and scientific perspective. As long as the power of science and technology is strong enough, it seems that it is not impossible to download and save consciousness and let it last forever. Since many famous scientists are studying this, it shows that from a theoretical point of view, consciousness is likely to be preserved, and the future alternative immortality is also possible.

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