63 years ago, the stray dog that was taken as an experimenter into space, is still alive?

63 years ago, the stray dog that was taken as an experimenter into space, is still alive?


Once upon a time, the United States and the former Soviet Union were in a desperate struggle and faced challenges in many fields. For example, the plan to dig through the earth was first carried out by the United States, but for various reasons, the United States abandoned the plan. Then the former Soviet Union learned from the lessons of the United States, dug a full 12263 meters, and finally was forced to stop the plan. This experiment can clearly show the strong atmosphere of flame between the two countries.


The former Soviet Union experimented with Lycra, a stray dog


63 years ago, the former Soviet Union also made a bold experiment. It sent a dog named Leika into outer space. Many people are curious. How about the dog in the end? In 1957, Leica was locked up in a spaceship called Sputnik 2. It was carefully trained by trainers. At that time, it was at the peak of the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union. In order to realize the manned space mission as soon as possible, the two countries competed against time to start a bold experimental plan. Leica became the key object in this experiment. 63 years ago, the stray dog that was taken as an experimenter into space, is still alive?


There is no doubt that for Leica, this will be a never-ending journey. As the first earth creature to land in space, Leica has attracted worldwide attention. It is said that when Leica entered outer space, it lived peacefully for a period of time, then ate the poison prepared by the staff and died quietly. There was no pain in the whole process. It was not until more than ten years later that human beings knew that Leica had experienced pain that she should not have suffered.


The ultimate cause of Lycra’s death


Leica spent seven hours in the spaceship. Many people wonder why Leica was chosen as the experimental object? At that time, the Soviet Union preferred to use dogs for experiments, because the research work of dogs was relatively mature. It was easy for dogs and humans to build a sense of trust, understand human instructions, and act according to relevant instructions. It belongs to a kind of stray dog. Lycra has strong adaptability to the environment and can resist hunger in extreme environment, so it has become the first choice of scientists.


Lycra’s small size, less than 10 jin, healthy, after professional training has become more lively. During the training, in order to sort out his mood, the experts specially built a kennel for him to improve his diet, and made obvious changes in his life. He had to go through very high-intensity training every day. Leica was the most outstanding one among many stray dogs. However, he died soon after entering space. Its remains did not float freely in space, but were tightly bound to the spacecraft.


After entering space, the spacecraft was attracted by the earth’s gravity and re entered the atmosphere. Due to its high speed, it had a fierce friction with the atmosphere and burned up, leaving Leica’s remains in the air. This experiment has sacrificed Leica, but it has brought outstanding contributions to mankind, paved the way for the space industry, and let mankind have a deeper understanding of the outer space environment. It is worth praising. What do you think of the Soviet Union’s experiment? You can leave a message for interaction.

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