700 years ago, there were creatures that feed on human beings. Why did they disappear?

700 years ago, there were creatures that feed on human beings. Why did they disappear?


All creatures on the earth live in the great nature. This is a predatory environment. We must have enough ability to survive. Every animal has its natural enemies since its birth. In order to avoid the attack of these natural enemies, it is necessary to train its ability, otherwise it will only be killed. The existence of these creatures is closely linked, forming a rich and colorful ecosystem. It’s not difficult to find that many large creatures look scary, but their activities are not sensitive. Take the elephant for example, its size can crush many creatures, but its aggressiveness is not strong.


The most powerful one in the ocean is the whale. Its position is unshakable. Its amazing bite force can tear up the prey in an instant. It can be called the overlord in the ocean world. There is the strongest king in every field. Human beings are the most special of many creatures, and there are almost no natural enemies. Many people wonder if there have ever been natural enemies on earth? 700 years ago, there were creatures that feed on human beings. Why did they disappear?


Creatures on earth that feed on humans


Scientists did not directly deny the answer, and made some comments. A long time ago, a kind of fearsome eagle appeared on the earth. They feed on human beings. What’s strange is that while they are catching humans, they suddenly become extinct. What’s the matter?


When scientists explored the eagle, they found its fossils, and later learned that it belonged to a prehistoric animal called cat phobia. At the beginning, it regarded human beings as the biggest natural enemies and took human beings as food. In order to protect their lives, humans use their unique wisdom to control the predation of the cat. As time goes by, the cat will go extinct because of food shortage. To put it bluntly, it is the wisdom of human beings that makes them starve to death. Although they are the natural enemies of human beings, they can be defeated by human beings through their unique brain.


In addition to the fear of cats, there is also a prehistoric creature that can also be regarded as the natural enemy of human beings. It is the killer eagle. Their flying speed in the sky is amazing. They have a huge body and can almost block out the sun. Once they are watched by them, the probability of survival is very small. The killer Eagle belongs to a kind of carnivore. When it spreads its wings, its body length can reach about three meters. It treats human beings as prey. It has a fierce habit, and its diving speed is quite fast, which can reach 80 kilometers per hour, giving food to the prey A fatal blow. When the human ancestors first faced these creatures, they had little power to fight back, and they gradually became stronger and stronger in the course of evolution.


The reason why human beings can survive so far


Human beings have unique wisdom. Due to excessive deforestation, the number of killer Eagles has decreased sharply, and the threat to human beings has become less and less. Human beings are thoughtful creatures. They will never allow creatures that threaten their own lives to exist. They will certainly try their best to eliminate them. Because of their disappearance, only ushered in the most glorious moment of mankind, now mankind has no natural enemies, carefree life on earth. What do you think of the extinction of these creatures? You can leave a message for interaction.

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