75 million light-years away from the earth, a white dwarf has lost its light, what is it covered by?

75 million light-years away from the earth, a white dwarf has lost its light, what is it covered by?


Stars represent the ancients’ expectation for eternity. There are tens of thousands of stars in the universe, whose positions and modes of operation are different. In many people’s cognition, there is no permanent person or thing in the world. Everyone will experience birth, aging, illness and death, which is the law in nature. In fact, stars also have life, but their life span is much longer than that of human beings.


Scientists found that a white dwarf has disappeared


According to a recent study, 75 million light-years away from the earth, a star 100 times larger than the sun suddenly disappeared, which aroused the curiosity of scientists. So why did this star disappear? It is understood that the disappearing star is a huge white dwarf, and its motion is very unstable. Because it’s so far away from the earth, it’s hard for experts to observe, only to detect its signal to the Milky way. 75 million light-years away from the earth, a white dwarf has lost its light, what is it covered by?


Since 2011, scientists have conducted in-depth research on this white dwarf. Through the change of data, they have made a guess that its volume is about 100 times that of the sun. In 2019, when experts re examined it with a super large telescope, they found that it suddenly disappeared and there was no light around. The reason for its disappearance is still under investigation.


The reason why this white dwarf disappeared


According to the truth, it is quite large, and there must be a reason for its disappearance. Later, various research teams used different detection instruments to survey the star closely, and got some information. Some people think that its disappearance is due to a strong explosion after 2011. In the process of aging, it is covered by huge stars. In fact, it does not disappear, but is inside a star. Another guess is that the star has died, it formed a big black hole, disappeared forever, and even some people think that the planet was stolen by aliens.


In 1960, Freeman Dyson had made the assumption that to find an advanced alien civilization, one had to create a Dyson sphere filled with energy to pack the sun directly. In the past half century, scientists have found that more than 100 stars have suddenly disappeared, which is likely to be packed by the Dyson ball. Everyone has expressed their conjectures.


In addition, scientists have calculated what will happen to the sun in 5 billion years. It will gradually become a red giant, expand in size, gradually devour mercury, Venus, earth and so on, and eventually form a white dwarf. If human beings still existed at that time, they might be able to go to the sun to dig all kinds of treasure resources. At present, human beings do not have this ability. When science and technology become more advanced and human beings can successfully enter any planet in outer space, perhaps these dreams will be realized one by one. What do you think caused this sudden disappearance of star? You can leave a message for interaction.

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