770000 years ago, the last reversal of the earth’s magnetic field took 22000 years. When will the next one happen?

The earth is a beautiful life planet, and such a beautiful life planet as the earth is also very rare in the vast universe. Why can the earth become a planet of life and give birth to intelligent human beings? There are reasons outside the earth and the earth itself. The external reason is that the position from the sun is very suitable and can receive the appropriate solar radiation.

There are two reasons for the earth itself. One is that the earth has a thick atmosphere, which can protect the liquid water resources on the earth’s surface, and also can bring the earth a stable ecological circulation system. Another important thing is the strong magnetic field. I believe many people know that the earth’s magnetic field is very strong, and its coverage in outer space can reach thousands of kilometers.

There are many functions of magnetic field, for example, it can effectively block the solar radiation and cosmic radiation, so that there is a suitable environment on the earth’s surface, which is conducive to the evolution and reproduction of life. The magnetic field can also protect the earth’s atmosphere from escaping into space, so that the earth’s atmosphere can always maintain a stable situation.


Without the protection of magnetic field, the earth may become a desolate environment like Mars. Through exploration and research, scientists believe that Mars may have been a beautiful planet of life a long time ago, but later, for some unknown reason, Mars’s magnetic field disappeared. As a result, the Martian atmosphere keeps escaping, becoming thinner and thinner. Without the protection of the atmosphere, a lot of water on the surface of Mars is also lost, gradually becoming a desert planet.

Therefore, the magnetic field is a very important guarantee for a living planet. Only by thoroughly understanding its mystery, can we cope with any possible changes in the magnetic field in the future. Some people may ask, why does the earth have a magnetic field? For this problem, scientists believe that it may be related to the high temperature liquid environment inside the earth.

We know that the earth has three levels of structure, namely, the crust, the mantle and the core. In addition to the crust, the mantle and core are basically in a state of liquid flow. It is this kind of high-temperature internal flow environment that produces the magnetic field. At the same time, in the process of studying the magnetic field, scientists have discovered a major secret, that is, the earth’s magnetic field reverses every several hundred thousand years.

In the past, people always thought that the earth’s magnetic field was very stable and would not change. But later, through research, we found that the earth’s magnetic field is changing all the time. Especially, the reversal of magnetic field, the reversal of magnetic north pole and magnetic south pole, is absolutely a big event. What kind of impact this reversal will bring to the earth’s ecological environment has always been what scientists want to understand.


Magnetic field reversal has occurred many times in the history of the earth, but scientists still have a very limited understanding of it, and there are different opinions about the time required for this process. Some studies even say that the earth’s magnetic field conversion can be rapidly completed within a hundred years. If this reversal is really to be completed within a hundred years, the impact on the earth’s ecological environment may be very huge, and the drastic changes in the environment will naturally have a very big impact on the survival of life.

There have been five mass extinctions in the life history of the earth. Although there are relevant explanations for these mass extinctions, can they also be related to the reversal of the magnetic field? This is really possible. Therefore, a research team composed of scientists from the United States and Japan, through a comprehensive investigation and analysis of the global lava, marine sediments and Antarctic ice core, has studied the duration of the last reversal of the earth’s magnetic field, which occurred about 770000 years ago in the Songshan Burong reversal.

Through the collection of lava samples, the lava magnetic data and radioisotope dating data are combined. After analysis, it is found that, according to geological standards, the final reversal speed of the geomagnetic field is very fast in the process of Songshan Burong reversal, but this period is less than 4000 years. Before that, the geomagnetic field has been in an unstable state for 18000 years, during which there are two short-term local reversals.


This shows that the whole reversal process of Songshan – Burong took 22000 years. Its time span is far longer than the previous scientists’ conclusion that the reversal of the earth’s magnetic field will end in 9000 years. Through these studies and analysis, we understand that the duration of the earth’s magnetic field reversal is relatively long, and it will not be completed in a very short time.

This result is good news for us. We should know that any major change in nature, if carried out in a short time, will inevitably become a terrible disaster. However, if the time cycle is prolonged, the impact will be greatly reduced, and it will not have a particularly catastrophic impact on the earth’s ecological environment and life.

The team’s analysis of lava data was also confirmed by magnetic data of seabed sediments. In addition, they also used the Antarctic ice core to analyze the deposition of beryllium, which also confirmed this conclusion. According to scientists’ research on the cycle of the earth’s magnetic field reversal, it has been 770000 years since the last great reversal.

According to the law, the next reversal time should not be too far away, so when will it happen? The reversal of magnetic field is a long process, although there will not be a sudden reversal in a short time, but in this process, geological activities are frequent, it is estimated that it will occur.


I believe many friends know that in recent years, the earth’s geological activities have indeed shown an upward trend. The obvious performance is that the number and intensity of earthquakes are increasing every year. Therefore, some scientists speculate that the current geomagnetic field may have entered the weakening process before the final reversal, which is an unstable stage of the geomagnetic field, lasting for more than 10000 years.

The real time of the last great reversal may be only a few thousand years. If the next great reversal of the magnetic field will happen, it may be ten thousand years later. At that time, there was no need for human beings to worry about the catastrophic impact of the magnetic field reversal. We need to know that the development of science and technology of human beings is very fast. Ten thousand years is enough for human civilization to achieve many great leaps.

Maybe ten thousand years later, mankind will be a powerful interstellar civilization. At that time, the mystery of the earth’s magnetic field will be completely solved. Even if the great reversal of the magnetic field comes, we can minimize the impact of the great reversal through the power of science and technology. Even more powerful, we can make the magnetic field change according to our wishes through science and technology, so that the great reversal that would have happened can return to its original position.


As long as the power of science and technology is strong enough, nothing is impossible. The great reversal of the earth’s magnetic field now has too many mysteries for us, but for future human beings, the earth will have no secrets, and the power of science and technology can change and control nature.

The earth’s magnetic field surrounds our planet and protects us from the hot particles thrown out by the sun. Although the word geomagnetic reversal sounds particularly terrible, the earth’s magnetic field has been periodically reversed for billions of years, and life still exists. Therefore, there is no need for us to worry about this. On the contrary, it is the continuous deterioration of the ecological environment caused by the rapid development of human industry that we should really worry about. It may really make the earth a desolate planet, so the protection of ecology and environment is what human beings should really pay attention to.

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