800 meters below the Antarctic ice, scientists discovered “extraterrestrial world”, changing their understanding of extraterrestrial life

The battle sword goes down 800 meters in the Antarctic ice! Scientists have discovered the “alien world” and changed their view of alien life!

If you want to mention the coldest and most mysterious place on earth, where do you think? Maybe the South Pole and the North Pole will appear in most people’s minds. In fact, the Antarctic and Arctic are covered with ice and snow all the year round, accounting for a large part of the world’s glaciers.


Scientists also believe that there are many mysterious ancient relics under a large number of glaciers covering the earth’s north and south poles. It’s just a guess, but it has a lot of credibility.

Scientists have discovered an “alien world” 800 meters below the Antarctic ice, which may change people’s view of alien civilization. From the surface of the entire Antarctic continent, the area of the Antarctic continent has reached 14 million square kilometers, but the area of rocks and Islands exposed to the Antarctic surface is less than 7% of the total area of Antarctica.

However, scientists have reason to believe that as global temperatures rise, more Antarctic glaciers will melt, exposing unprecedented islands or rocks. The earth is made up of 70% of the oceans and 30% of the land. 70% of the ocean floor is full of secrets.


Similarly, many people are curious about the mysterious world under the glaciers of the earth’s north and south poles. What is the secret of Antarctica, which is covered by glaciers all the year round? With the continuous development of human science and technology, scientists have also found the abnormal phenomenon under the Antarctic glacier.

Scientists think Antarctica’s ice covered areas are very similar to other planets. Europa is a moon of Jupiter. Scientists believe that although Europa’s surface is covered with thick ice, there is a liquid ocean under the ice, and the environment on earth is getting worse and worse.


It is urgent for human beings to find a second earth like planet, so it is imperative to develop and explore some planets in the solar system. From a distance, if one can find a planet suitable for human habitation in the solar system, there is no need to go out of the solar system.

Under the Europa ice, whether there is life or not largely determines whether human beings can survive on other planets. Scientists took water samples from an 800 meter long ice covered Antarctic lake. Through the research, we found that there are living bacteria in the water under the Antarctic lake.

This is a very good phenomenon. If bacteria exist under the Antarctic ice, does that mean that bacteria also exist in Europa?


After all, on the surface, Europa is very similar to Antarctica. This discovery has greatly enhanced human’s confidence in searching for extraterrestrial planets in outer space, and given Europa a a deeper understanding.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, scientists have been committed to looking for extraterrestrial life, but there is still a lot of controversy about the suitable conditions for extraterrestrial life.


It would be perfect if we could discover some harsh conditions of extraterrestrial life by exploring the Arctic and Antarctic. The discovery of this phenomenon in Antarctica may have greatly changed our understanding of the normal form of extraterrestrial life. Exploring life in space will help a lot.

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