800 meters under the ice in Antarctica, scientists discover another world, or change human cognition!

In many people’s minds, Antarctica is shrouded by thick glaciers all the year round, and it is also a sacred place that few people set foot on. Since ancient times, there have been many legends about Antarctica. Some people claim that they have seen UFOs in Antarctica. In fact, there are alien bases under the thick glaciers, and there may be another underground world. It seems very sci-fi, but scientists have made unexpected discoveries in the process of exploration.


Scientists have found that 800 meters below the ice, there is another world, which may change human’s cognition of extraterrestrial life. Although human beings have reached the top of the food chain and created advanced high technology, their knowledge of Antarctica is only superficial. The temperature in Antarctica is dozens of degrees below zero all the year round, so there are only a few animals that can resist the harsh environment in Antarctica. Apart from penguins, many people think that there must be other unknown creatures in Antarctica, and the area we have explored is still too limited.


Antarctic underground world


Nowadays, global warming has become a fact. With the rising global temperature, Antarctic glaciers have begun to melt, and many unknown scenes have gradually appeared in front of human beings. If the Antarctic glaciers disappear completely, it will be a great survival test for human beings, so scientists have been paying attention to the trend of Antarctica. Previously, scientists collected fresh water samples 800 meters underground in Antarctica. Although the ocean area on the earth is as much as 70%, there are few fresh water resources for human drinking. Scientists believe that there may be a lot of fresh water resources under the heavy glaciers in Antarctica.


If there is fresh water under the Antarctic glacier, does it mean that there are other life here? Scientists have photographed the underground world in Antarctica, and found that the so-called underground world knowledge is a dark and creepy place. As we all know, the earth is moving all the time, and the constant release of energy from the center of the earth will accelerate the melting of ice. Therefore, there is a large amount of liquid water below the south pole, which is rich in nutrients. Perhaps we can find species that we have never seen before.


Although this discovery is gratifying, scientists have also warned us that in addition to a large number of fresh water resources, there are probably many unknown viruses buried in the underground world. With the gradual melting of glaciers, the virus entering the atmosphere will certainly affect human health.


So if we want to solve the secret of the Antarctic underground world, with the current scientific and technological means, there are still many problems waiting to be solved. If the global warming situation is allowed to develop, then human civilization will also face the end.

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