8000 light-years away from the earth, a crisis has been aimed at the earth, do humans need to worry?

The development of science and technology for hundreds of years has brought earth shaking changes to people’s lives. Everything in this world has two sides. It brings benefits, but it will also be accompanied by certain crises. The same is true of science and technology, which makes people’s quality of life higher and higher, and also makes people have a new understanding of the world and the universe.

However, with the continuous improvement of human’s understanding of the universe, we also see a lot of crises. These crises come from the earth itself, from the human interior, and from the universe beyond the earth. The crisis of the earth itself, such as the periodic ecological upheaval, will bring mass extinction to the earth every time.


If there is a crisis within human beings, such as a possible nuclear war in the future, once it happens, the scientific and technological civilization of human beings may directly fall back to the primitive times. And the crisis from the universe outside the earth makes us even more afraid, because although the probability of the crisis outside the earth is very small, as long as it happens, it is the real destruction for the earth and human beings.

There are also many possible threats to the earth in space, such as the impact of a large asteroid. 65 million years ago, an asteroid with a diameter of 10 km hit the earth, causing a mass extinction, which ruled the earth for 160 million years. As a result, dinosaurs disappeared. In addition, the explosion of solar super energy may also cause devastating damage to human science and technology.

Among the threats and disasters in the universe, gamma ray bursts are undoubtedly the most terrible. Once they happen, thousands of light-years will become a forbidden zone for life. If there is a living planet in this range, gamma rays will end. Therefore, gamma ray bursts are also known as the terminators of life. It is extremely unfriendly to life, as long as it comes across, it will be merciless and harvest all.


Gamma ray bursts (GRBs) are super intense rays that may appear when stellar objects come to the end of their lives and supernovae erupt. They can produce powerful energy in a short time. The most important thing is that it spreads far away. Even if it is more than 5000 light-years apart, it may be swept by it, causing great damage to the ecological environment and even ending life on the planet.

Are there so many powerful energy rays in the universe? From the perspective of the universe, there are many gamma ray bursts. Scientists have also observed many gamma ray bursts, but they are far away from us and beyond the scope of their damage.


But if the earth is in the range that gamma rays can damage, it’s absolutely bad news for human beings. Will such misfortune happen to the earth and human beings? In 1998, scientists discovered a star in the universe, which is about 30 times the mass of the sun and about 8000 light-years away from us.

Scientists named the star wr-104. Through observation, we found that wr-104 has come to the end of its life, and the entire stellar shell has been expanding. According to its mass level, the end of life will usher in a supernova explosion, which is a process of massive stars evolving to another kind of celestial body.

Since it is far away from the earth, scientists will not think it will have any impact on the earth even though they have found this star which is about to explode. However, in the process of observation and research, scientists increasingly feel that there is something wrong with wr-104. Two phenomena have attracted scientists’ attention. One is that its speed is very fast, and the other is that one of its two poles is facing the earth.


Once a supernova explosion occurs in a fast-moving star, it may trigger gamma ray bursts, which makes scientists sweat. If wr-104 were just a supernova explosion, it would not affect the earth at a distance of 8000 light-years. But if there’s a gamma ray burst, it’s another level of energy.

The power of gamma ray bursts, even 8000 light-years away, may have a bad impact on us. Scientists have built a model based on the current observation data. According to this model, the probability of releasing gamma ray bursts at the same time of supernova explosion is very high.


Gamma ray bursts are usually emitted from the two poles of celestial bodies, and wr-104 happens to have one pole facing the earth. That is to say, wr-104 will turn into an “interstellar cannon” at that time, with the muzzle facing the earth. The results of this simulation made scientists sweat. You know, gamma ray is known as the terminator of life. Can life on earth survive at that time?

After scientists issued a warning, many astrophysicists also joined in the exploration of wr-104. Through research, scientists are also divided into two camps. One camp believes that the angle between wr-104 axis and the earth should be less than 10 ° if gamma ray bursts want to have an impact on the earth. If it is greater than 10 degrees, a gap of several tens of light years will be created at a distance of 8000 light years, and the earth will be able to avoid this disaster.

However, this result does not satisfy people. We should know that human observation technology is not particularly advanced, and 8000 light-years distance will inevitably produce some observation differences. The present observation results show that the angle between it and the earth is more than 10 degrees, even if there is a gamma ray storm, it has no effect on the earth. But the real result may be less than 10 degrees, so we can’t think it has no impact on the earth and human beings, we should prepare for the worst.


If the wr-104 supernova really caused a gamma ray burst when it erupted, and it was facing the earth, what should humans do? Astrophysicist Bryan Thomas pointed out that if gamma ray bursts want to have a devastating impact on the earth, the source of the burst must be within 6500 light-years of the ball.

Wr-10 is 8000 light-years away from the earth, far beyond the threshold of 6500 light-years, which will have an impact on the earth, but the impact will not be as big and terrible as people think. Some scientists have pointed out that even if the gamma ray bursts 8000 light-years away come to the earth, they can only cause certain damage to the ozone layer. Although it will increase the ultraviolet radiation of the earth for a period of time, with human science and technology, as long as we do a certain degree of protection, it will not have a great impact.


Of course, whether this star will cause a gamma ray burst when a supernova erupts is still just some speculation of scientists. Even if it is confirmed that gamma ray bursts will occur in the future through more detailed and accurate observation, we need not worry too much. Because that will be thousands of years or tens of thousands of years at least.

With the rapid development of human science and technology, as long as we are given thousands of years of development time, we may inevitably become an interstellar civilization. At that time, it will no longer be difficult to cross the galaxy. If the gamma ray storm brought by wr-10 will have a devastating impact on the earth, as long as we become an interstellar civilization, we can move ahead of time and stay away from the damage scope of the gamma ray storm.

Therefore, although the disaster of the universe is terrible, as long as human science and technology are strong enough, we can deal with all dangers. In order to develop to such an advanced stage, what mankind needs most is time. It is only a few hundred years since human civilization entered the era of science and technology, and the time is too short. Such a short period of time to have the current scientific achievements, has been a very extraordinary thing. As long as we are given more development time, human beings will not be afraid of any cosmic disaster.

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