A 12, 460 year old dog has been found and a prehistoric beast is likely to be resurrected

The dog, who lived 12460 years ago, was discovered in the Russian permafrost a few days ago. It may be the only prehistoric dog of this kind.


The discovery of the dog attracted numerous well-known figures and the media, and everyone felt very curious about the prehistoric dog.

When the scientists dissected the dog, they found that the integrity of its body was as high as 70% – 80%. When it died, it was about one year old. Its teeth were even more lifelike. Experts found some parasites and food residues in its stomach.


Experts say the well preserved dog is of great help to the study of prehistoric species. And a cloning expert from South Korea who is dedicated to resurrecting the mammoth and the cave lion believes that the dog is likely to be resurrected through cloning technology to make it reappear.


But some netizens said that resurrecting such a prehistoric animal is not good or bad for the earth. What if it is really a prehistoric giant?

Xiaobian also believes that prehistoric animals may not adapt to today’s living environment, or today’s living environment may not be able to adapt to it. What about you?

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