A 13000 year old prehistoric cave was discovered in Brazil. The excavation marks are clear, but not by human

In this world, in addition to many beautiful places, there are also some mysterious caves. These caves are deep and bottomless. Many researchers have used many methods to explore them, almost all of which have failed. There are many kinds of creatures hidden in these caves that we have never seen before. These creatures always like to live in the dark and form their own independent ecosystem. Today we are going to tell you about this mysterious cave in the South and southeast of Brazil.


The mysterious cave is tens of kilometers long, which is not done by human, but formed naturally

There are many mysterious things in the earth that can not be explained by science, such as UFO, earthquake squid and so on. In some science fiction films or disaster films, we will see many mysterious deep holes. There are laboratories or research laboratories in these caves, and researchers will take elevators. Of course, these situations exist in the movies, but only in real life There are mysterious caves.


For example, there are more than 1000 “mysterious tunnels” in the South and southeast of Brazil. It is estimated that more than 4000 tons of soil and rock have been excavated from the ground, about 13000 years ago. The most important feature of this mysterious cave is its simple structure and very hidden. Some people think that this kind of thing should be excavated by ancient human ancestors in order to survive, live or store food. But if it is man-made, why is the cave so hidden? Moreover, the internal space is relatively small, which is not suitable for groups to live here.


In fact, for archaeologists, they also hope that the cave was built by human ancestors. After all, it is of great significance to the history of human development and evolution. However, in further research, archaeologists found that there seemed to be traces of excavation on the walls of each cave, and relevant experts came up with a new point of view: these traces were marked with sharp objects. Although human ancestors have been evolving, in many research data, human fingers have not evolved into sharp shapes. It is obvious that the shape of this cave is not sharp It’s not built by hand.

Some people can’t help but ask: “it’s also possible that the human ancestors scratched the wall with sharp objects?” With regard to this problem, we have to trace back to the formation period of this cave. Due to the excessive number and meticulous exploration, the archaeologists finally identified that these mysterious caves were formed at least 13000 years ago, and the excavation traces were clearly visible, reaching tens of kilometers long. At that time, most of the tools used by human beings were branches or stone tools, and these tools were not used It’s not enough to form such a scratch. In other words, these mysterious caves are not man-made.


Where did the traces on the walls of the mysterious cave come from?


How did the traces on the walls of the mysterious cave come from? Are there mysterious creatures in caves? Archaeologists have conducted in-depth analysis based on the marks left on the walls. These marks are claw marks left by animals, not humans. According to the length of the tunnel, archaeologists believe that no animal can dig such a large cave in modern times. The geologist EDMy found that all the marks left on the wall seem to have been dug by a kind of “three grasping steel chisel”, just like a “three tooth harrow”, as shown in the following figure:

Combined with the fact that human beings did not have the ability to use this kind of tool 13000 years ago, ademi made an in-depth analysis and comparison between the traces on these walls and the Brazilian long clawed animals through relevant equipment. Unexpectedly, the traces on the walls of deep caves are very similar to those of sloths.


But the sloth is relatively small and slow. How can it dig such a long cave? So they think that maybe the ancestors of the sloth left them. They are very different from the modern sloth. In evolution, the ancestors of the sloth should have strong claws. It is very likely that they dug such a tunnel. They are: the earth is lazy.


Why did the sloth ancestors dig such a secret cave?

Sloth is the slowest mammal on earth, so what is the state of sloth? Because the sloth is still for a long time, the fur of the sloth begins to grow moss. Sloth’s life is spent in the tree, sleeping nearly 20 hours a day, so what does sloth rely on to feed? After waking up, the sloth will eat some leaves and bark, and sometimes it will rely on fruit to fill its stomach.


Since sloths like to live in trees, why did their ancestors dig such mysterious caves? More than 10000 years ago, the earth was in the ice age, and the most remarkable feature was that the global temperature became cold by a large margin, forming a large area of ice sheets and mountain glaciers. Many living things can’t stand the cold temperature, and they have perished one after another. This period is also a huge devastation to human beings, and almost all human ancestors died out because of the advent of the ice age. Experts speculate that because of the arrival of the ice age, the ancestors of the sloth were extremely clever and dug such a deep hidden tunnel underground to spend the cold winter in the tunnel.


The size of the earth sloth is dozens of times larger than that of the modern sloth, just like the size of the Asian elephant we see now. The light length of the earth sloth has reached nearly four meters, and its weight has reached three tons. Why did these “giant ancient tree sloths” survive the coldest period of the ice age and finally disappear? Biologists believe that the biggest natural enemy of these giant ancient sloths at that time should be primitive hominids. Over hunting and hunting led to the gradual extinction of ancient sloths.

Apart from the mysterious caves in Brazil, what other mysterious caves exist in the world?


In addition to the mysterious cave in Brazil, on the uninhabited island of Staffa in western Scotland, there are a series of giant hexagonal basalt blocks that form the finger cave. This cave is named after a Scottish poet and makes a strange sound at the top of the cave.


In addition, there is a flooded cave in Florida, deboldt cave, which is 76 meters deep. An explorer said: “since the sunlight can not reach such a deep cave, nearly 300 people have died in the cave since the 1960s.”

There is also a mysterious cave in China with a depth of 1026 meters, which is called Tianxing village deep cave. Now it has been listed as one of the world’s super deep caves. The local people said that they didn’t know how deep the cave was three hours after entering the cave. A large number of crickets and unknown caterpillars were also found on the rock walls of the cave. Because of fear, often do not dare to move on, the same way back out of the hole.


In fact, there are still many unknown phenomena in the world. The earth is a planet full of magic, shrouded in heavy fog, waiting for mankind to gradually uncover the truth with advanced technology!

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