A 1700 year old grotto in Anhui Province is 170 meters deep. Who built it?

There are many magnificent landscapes on the earth. Although many landscapes can make people feel happy, some supernatural events often occur, and even are difficult to explain with science, such as Bermuda delta and pyramid, which are very familiar to us. Until now, the pyramid is still the focus of scientists’ research. If we study it carefully, we will find that many mysterious buildings and landscapes are located on the line of 30 degrees north latitude.


There are many mysterious events on the 30 degree north latitude line. There is also a building on the 30 degree north latitude line in China. This is the grotto discovered by scientists in 1999. It is this discovery that makes this little-known Hill face the whole country and attract the attention of the whole world. This Grottoes is Huashan mystery grottoes, which is also the largest group of artificial Grottoes in China. At present, scientists have found 36 grottoes, which are rare in China.


Huashan mystery cave


When we enter the grottoes, we will find that there are no murals and no historical records in the Huashan grottoes. Who dug this grotto? What is the use? So far, we don’t know. Sweaters and trousers have also become the Ninth Wonder in the world. After scientists entered this grotto, according to the growth rate of stalactites, it is inferred that this grotto was built at least 1700 years ago. Although there are no murals and historical records in the grottoes, there are still many cultural relics. When scientists analyzed these cultural relics, they found that they were 1700 years old.


Who built the grottoes?


If you continue to walk, you will find a grotto 170 meters deep, just like a gorgeous underground palace. At that time, people did not have advanced science and technology, how to build such a brilliant building? If this grotto is really built by human beings, where are the abandoned stones? So some people speculate that it was very difficult to build such a splendid grotto 1700 years ago by means of human science and technology. Could this grotto be built by aliens?


The discovery of this grotto shocked the whole scientific community. Even many scientists from the United States and other countries came to the site for investigation. They also hope to solve the mystery, but there is no final conclusion until now. Perhaps grottoes, like pyramids, have become an unsolved mystery in history?


Seeing this, Xiaobian can’t help but admire the mystery of nature. Although there are many things with traces of human construction, we just can’t solve the mystery of this new thing. This may also be the charm of scientific development, which guides us to move forward step by step. Only in this way can human civilization make progress. Have you ever been to this grotto?

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