A 1912 skirt, changed the fate of mankind, the rocket field can not do without it!

The rapid development of human space industry is inseparable from the efforts of previous scientists. We often hear a word, that is the butterfly effect, which also shows the importance of details in life. A butterfly in the American jungle gently flapped its wings, and it is likely that there will be strong winds and waves on the ocean. This point of view is very suitable to describe a skirt in 1912. At that time, people never thought that an ordinary skirt would change the fate of the world.


Since the beginning of the last century, human ideas have changed. Women have broken through the shackles of thought and began to pursue personality and freedom. All kinds of clothing have appeared in front of human beings. Many fashion brands were born from that time. In order to pursue women’s freedom of dressing, a designer named Madeleine vionai also joined the fashion team. She hoped to make clothes without any buttons and zippers. After a long period of experiment and exploration, she finally found the perfect fabric, so she began to cut according to the drawings. At this time, she suddenly had an amazing discovery. If a piece of silk is rotated 45 degrees and then cut, there will be a natural draping feeling.

At that time, the designer never thought that her randomly designed tailoring actually provided important significance for the manufacture of rockets. In other words, the cutting structure she designed is very consistent with the engineering design. After the fabric is cut, the fiber will also change. After the density changes, it will be easier to extend. Only in this way can the clothes be more natural and fluent, which can reflect the curve beauty of women. The reason why this skirt has changed the fate of all mankind is that in the process of scientific and technological development, scientists have also applied this theory to the field of rockets.


Rocket field


Although the human space industry has developed by leaps and bounds, at the beginning of the birth of the rocket, in order to ensure the fuel of the rocket, scientists chose solid and liquid at that time. Although solid fuel can be used as the main fuel, this dye will expand after being exposed to high temperature, so many explosion accidents have occurred, which is not worth the loss for the rocket launch The oblique cutting technique provided by the designer has greatly inspired scientists.

Scientists have turned the fuel material into carbon fiber, which is filled with heat-resistant material after shoe construction, so that the fuel tank will not deform even when heated. Through decades of development, such a fuel tank has become a rocket booster, and many satellites are launched relying on this equipment.


Who would have thought that the inspiration of a female designer at that time actually promoted the progress of human rocket career? This shows that human imagination is still very rich. If we can pay attention to details, we may have unexpected gains.


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