A 23-year-old interview with Mars boy! He made predictions about the future of the earth, and there were protectors!

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of indigo children. They have high IQ, maybe have some special willpower, maybe have some supernatural ability. They are born different from other children, and they have different perception ability from ordinary people, even many adults can’t compare with them. Polyska, who was born in Russia in 1996, is such a kind of child.


Polisska’s father is a retired military officer, and his mother is a doctor. According to the two of them, polisska was able to read newspapers at a very young age and write Chinese at the age of one and a half, which surprised them greatly. Since he was two years old, his performance has become more and more obvious. His super memory and learning ability make people feel inferior. But before long, his mother was worried, because a lot of poliscka’s knowledge was not taught by people around him. What he usually said was Mars, the universe and other related topics.


Mars boy’s prediction


When he was 7 years old, he claimed to his neighbors that he was from Mars. Due to a disaster, the surviving Martians could only live underground. However, he had been to the earth frequently, so he could come to the earth by spaceship to avoid disaster. He claimed that earth shaking changes will take place in 2008, a catastrophe will take place in 2009, and it will continue in 2011. When we look back, we will find that his predictions seem to have been verified.


It is said that in 2008, he will not be able to protect the earth, but he will not be able to tell you who was born on the Internet.


Martian boy can be said to be a little star in the scientific community. Even many scientists came to his home to try to solve the secret of Martian boy. Although he passed the lie detector, his secret has not been revealed. In 2010, Russia made a public report on the Martian boy. At that time, he had been silent for a long time and seemed to have disappeared in front of people. Some people even doubted whether he had returned to Mars?


Interview with 23 years old


But between 2018 and 2019, a 23-year-old interview with polisca circulated on the Internet. In this interview, someone asked him why he didn’t use Mars technology to make blessings for the earth? Poliscka claims that he can only take away 2% of the reincarnation’s memory, and the information on science and technology will not survive, so he has no way to help mankind. He also claimed that the moon was not born naturally, it was made by prehistoric civilization, it was a hollow sphere. What do you think of the Mars boy prophecy circulating on the Internet? Is he really from Mars?

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