A 97 year old former Canadian official claimed that aliens have arrived on earth and signed agreements with many countries?

Although many people believe that aliens really exist, no one has actually seen them. As a result, a former Canadian defense minister claimed that aliens had already arrived on the earth and were close to us. The reason why the authorities concealed such a fact was that there was an organization controlling everything. Who is the former defense secretary? Is what he said credible?


What did the former Defense Secretary say?


His name is Paul Heller. Now 97 years old, he first admitted the existence of aliens to human beings in 2005, and he is the first senior official on earth to make such a public statement. Many people may be curious about the old man’s words. Why does he live a good old age and make such amazing remarks? In fact, the whole thing started 15 years ago. It was in 2005. A young boy often exchanged letters with Paul. They often exchange information about alien civilization in letters. At that time, the boy recommended Paul a book called after the Roswell incident. At that time, he was very shocked after reading this book, which was written by a US Army colonel.


This book gives a detailed description of the Roswell incident, and claims that the alien spacecraft crashed in Roswell’s farm, but the spacecraft was recovered by the United States, trying to cover up all this. In this book, it is also mentioned that modern human technology is actually learned from alien civilization. At that time, Paul also inquired about this matter from an American soldier. There was no doubt about the authenticity of this book. Moreover, because he worked in the Department of defense, he got more information, so he believed that aliens were real.


Since 2015, Paul Heller has made public speeches all over Canada, claiming that many countries in the world have hidden the fact of aliens, and urging the Canadian government to release relevant information about aliens. Paul claimed to the world that at present, there are four alien races coming to earth, but we know very little about them. In addition, there are extraterrestrial life on Mars and Venus. Although the environment of these two planets is not suitable for human survival, there is no impact on extraterrestrial life.


Mysterious organizations on earth


Paul also made a surprising remark. He claimed that alien civilizations have established ties with many countries, including China and Russia. Aliens have close contacts with Russia. The reason why all countries conceal the fact of extraterrestrial life is that they have signed a secret agreement. He said that there is actually a mysterious organization on earth, which has been blocking human beings and exploring the deep existence of aliens, but he is not sure what the organization is.


Since aliens have signed agreements with many countries, these countries can learn alien science and technology, but the cost of these projects is very high, so every year the country will spend trillions of money on alien science and technology research. Paul claimed that although there are often pictures of aliens invading the earth in movies, real aliens will not interfere with the development of human civilization. If they want to understand things on earth, they will choose some people to contact, but they will not interfere in human civilization.


Humans can create a brilliant technological civilization, in fact, thanks to the continuous evolution of the brain, but Paul claimed that part of the human brain is actually lizard brain. If war breaks out from time to time, human civilization will not survive forever. He claimed that in recent years, the number of aliens coming to the earth has become more and more frequent. Some aliens may want to help human beings, and some aliens may want to control us. Although Paul’s words seem strange, many coincidences are difficult to explain by science. Many people think that extraterrestrial life is real. I don’t know what you think?

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