A big creature that has lived for 8 million years can only be eliminated because of its delicious meat!

A big creature that has lived for 8 million years was eliminated because of its delicious meat!


There have been a total of five mass extinctions on the earth. Many organisms are gradually eliminated due to environmental changes. Some organisms adapt to environmental changes and eventually survive, and their offspring continue to this day. In our knowledge, the living fossil is the living fossil. Once someone found a kind of magical desert fish in the desert. It can survive in the harsh environment of the desert. It can be seen that it has its own housekeeping skills. It is magic Qiang.


A strong living creature in the desert


Unfortunately, it is on the verge of extinction. There are only 38 species left in the world. After being discovered, they have been well protected. Many creatures are opposite to moqiang. They can’t adapt to the changes of the environment and can only disappear in nature. Some of them are extinct because of human’s wanton hunting. Sharks are very fierce in people’s eyes. They have sharp teeth. Once they catch food, they can tear it up immediately. Even so, they are helpless in front of human beings. Human beings only need to move their brains and use all kinds of equipment to make these creatures homeless. A big creature that has lived for 8 million years was eliminated because of its delicious meat!


Reasons for the extinction of Stella manatee


In fact, a long time ago, there was a kind of creature, because the meat was too delicious, in order to eat its meat, humans finally went extinct. It was Stella manatee. There is no doubt that it mainly lives in the ocean area, and there is another name, which is toothless manatee. Its attack power is naturally less than that of shark. It is the second largest mammal in the ocean and has strong adaptability. Unfortunately, it was discovered by human one day.


Due to an accident, someone ate its meat and found that its meat was too delicious. Finally, in order to eat its meat, human beings began to become crazy. In 1741, an expedition ship was in danger. At that time, it drifted to the komandore islands. It was also the first time that humans discovered such a magical creature on the earth. At that time, they found that the number of Stella manatees was about 2000. There was no need to worry about the risk of extinction, and they had no natural enemies.


However, there was a man who was not too hungry for food and had the idea of killing Stella manatee. At the same time, he was surprised to find that this was the most delicious meat of all the sea creatures he had ever eaten. Since then, the nightmare of Stella manatee has completely started. A large number of ships sailed into the komandore islands and began to hunt cruelly. Finally, Stella manatee went extinct in this short 26 years.


When scientists studied Stella manatee, they found that it had lived carefree on the earth for 8 million years, but finally it went extinct because of human selfishness. It’s a pity and heartache. Under the urge of desire, it is inevitable to make some extreme behaviors, destroy the nature, and make some creatures homeless. The worst is the Stella manatee. It has never been concerned about living in the komandore islands, but because of that unexpected discovery, it was finally eliminated by the nature. What’s your mood? You can leave a message for interaction.

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