A big creature with a blue body, which was supposed to be a new species, is now on the verge of extinction!

A big creature with a blue body, which was supposed to be a new species, is now on the verge of extinction!


There are too many creatures in the world that have never been heard of by human beings. They live in nature for a long time, build their own homes and reproduce in nature. When we see these creatures, we can’t help but feel curious. Once, because of an accident, human beings discovered a creature that never appeared on the earth, that is Stella manatee. Because they were so hungry at that time, one of them killed Stella manatee and tasted its meat. Unexpectedly, its meat was extremely delicious, which was the most delicious meat in the world.


Since then, the nightmare of Stella manatee has begun. Human beings hunt it wantonly in order to eat its meat, and finally they can only go extinct. Seeing the end of Stella manatee affects the hearts of thousands of people. No one wants to see such a situation. They are all members of the natural world. Although they can’t express it in words, they also have life. A lot of creatures went to extinction because of human’s wanton killing, and some of them resolutely survived. A big creature with a blue body, which was supposed to be a new species, is now on the verge of extinction!


Scientists discover new species of monkey for the first time


Speaking of monkeys, we are all very familiar with them. Monkeys have many human characteristics. The monkeys we see in zoos often feed them. They have hands just like people, and they can also pick bananas with their hands. However, there is a kind of monkey that is quite different from other monkeys. Although they also eat vegetarian food, they don’t like to swing around in the trees, but hang on the ground. It’s Kiwi monkey.


The most unforgettable thing is its face. Its face shape is no different from that of human beings. In addition to the hair on its face, it has yellow mane all over its body. It is petite and the most prominent thing is that it has blue buttocks. When the monkey dies, its skin will turn white instantly. Many people feel very familiar when they see the pictures of Kiwi monkeys. Its eyes are highly similar to the Mona Lisa, full of emotion and sincere expression.


The ultimate cause of Kiwi monkey’s extinction


When it was first discovered, humans didn’t identify it as a new species until a couple first saw Kiwi monkeys while working in a school in a remote village. It’s very different from the monkeys we’ve seen in the past. It took the researchers three years to identify it as a new species. Finally, its identity is determined by skin detection. For people in other areas, it is a new species, but for local people, it is no stranger. For a long time, many people have been killing them as edible meat. Although it lives in remote areas, it is in a very dangerous situation.


After the development of science and technology, excessive deforestation has led to the destruction of its habitat, which has been on the verge of extinction. We can imagine that if human beings don’t stop their behavior, the end result will be the same as Stella manatee. Although positive measures have been taken on the environment, many people’s poaching is still rampant. Everyone should establish the awareness of protecting animals and not let these animals lose their homes. What do you think of this new species? You can leave a message for interaction.

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