A big fire has been burning for 49 years, bringing 50 billion losses every year. Why not put it out or use it?

A few days ago, there was a big explosion at a chemical plant in South Korea. The explosion caused a big fire and had a huge impact on the lives of people around. But in fact, in history, there have been many large-scale fires.

In tawaza, in Turkmenistan’s akhar Province, for example, there was a fire that lasted 49 years. It is not only not extinguished by itself, but also can not be extinguished artificially. What’s going on?


Turkmenistan is a very old country, dawaza is located in the middle of Karam desert, traffic inconvenience. There are only about 350 residents here. They are all semi nomadic people, and their economy is relatively backward. However, there is an advantage here, that is, natural gas reserves are very rich.

However, for a skilled woman, it is difficult to cook a meal without rice. The government of Turkmenistan had no conditions to exploit these resources, so it was ready to cooperate with the Soviet Union at that time in exploration.

In 1971, several Soviet geologists discovered several gas pits of different sizes here, but one of them collapsed during exploration, leaving a pit with a diameter of 100 meters.


This huge mine is a huge natural gas resource. Because of the huge collapse area, it is no longer realistic to control the leakage.

In order to prevent the gas from harming the people around, the scientists plan to directly ignite the natural gas in the pit. However, when they didn’t want to do so, they found the situation out of control.


In the scientists’ calculation, the natural gas reserves here are only enough to support combustion for about 2-3 days, but the facts tell them that these estimates are completely wrong.

It’s 49 years since then, and the fire hasn’t gone out. In addition, due to continuous combustion, the ambient temperature has reached 1000 degrees Celsius, which can not be effectively achieved by ordinary fire fighting methods.

As a result, the place has been burning like this and has become a famous scenic spot in the area. Everyone calls it “the gate of hell.”.


This is lost and lost. Huge natural gas resources can not be used because the chemical reaction in the cave can not be predicted and dare not be put out rashly. It is just to keep it, which brings 50 billion economic losses to Turkmenistan every year.

Fortunately, such a unique natural landscape has also attracted many foreign tourists and promoted the development of local tourism. This is also seen as a supplement to some of their economies. However, such huge natural resources are wasted.


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