A big secret in the history of human evolution, blue makes people lose appetite, scientists have revealed the reason!

A big secret in the history of human evolution, blue makes people lose appetite, scientists have revealed the reason!


Since the first industrial revolution, a new era of human social development has begun. Human beings have enjoyed the convenience brought by science and technology. Once they had to go to a convenience store or supermarket to buy anything. Now they can buy their favorite products at home. Most importantly, human beings can also eat all kinds of delicious food. As long as they have money, there is nothing they can’t eat, and the nutrition becomes richer.


The development of science and technology promotes the development of many industries, especially the food industry. With the continuous improvement of human material conditions, more and more new things appear in front of human eyes. There are more and more kinds of food, and human nutrition has been fully supported. In order to pursue novel taste and experience, many people have invented many dark dishes, such as stinky tofu and snail powder. These foods smell stinky, but taste particularly fragrant, causing many people to buy them enthusiastically. Often, foods with distinctive colors will stimulate human appetite. A big secret in the history of human evolution, blue makes people lose appetite, scientists have revealed the reason!


I don’t know if you have found that there is one color of food that makes people lose their appetite, that is blue. We rarely see blue food in real life. Scientists have found that color can really affect people’s appetite through research. Once there was a netizen who made a plate of chicken wings with blue cola. When he saw the magic color of chicken wings, it was hard to swallow, and he had no appetite at all.


In order to verify that blue can make people lose their appetite, scientists have done a big experiment. They put a number of foods with different colors under a special lighting effect to make them have the color of normal food. At the beginning, they didn’t feel different when they ate them. Until they turned off the light and saw the real color of these things, many people felt nauseous and were in a state of loss of appetite for a long time It’s hard to associate them with delicious food.


In the cognition of scientists, blue can activate the cerebral cortex, make people feel extra calm, and inhibit appetite at the same time. Other colors are different, especially red and yellow, which can stimulate the brain and make people have more and more appetite. In this long evolutionary process, human beings also have many fastidious points. There are few blue species in nature, and blue food has never been on our table. Everyone can not get rid of the curse of blue, even if the appetite of people, see blue food will immediately eat.


After eating the food for so many years, we finally know why the blue food is never served on the table. It turns out that it does not make people have the desire to eat, but also suppresses people’s appetite. If it doesn’t involve food, blue is still very popular. It belongs to a cold color system, which makes people feel very cold. But it’s not enough to use it in food. What’s your understanding of blue? You can leave a message for interaction.

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