A bomber was found on Mars, or a plane disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, and the plane crossed?

Time and space travel is a bridge in film and television drama. With the current level of human science and technology, it is very difficult to put film and television into reality. There was once a scientist who seemed to prove the existence of space-time travel. At that time, five US planes passed through the Bermuda delta and mysteriously disappeared. However, the scientist claimed that when he was observing Mars, he saw the disappeared planes flying around Mars. Is this true?


Airplanes on the moon and Mars


The scientist’s remarks caused a great sensation at that time. He claimed that when he was observing Mars, he found that there were four airplanes on Mars, and these four airplanes happened to be the bombers that had disappeared in the United States. This is not the most shocking. As early as 1987, Soviet scientists also found that bombers appeared on the surface of the moon. The bombers on the surface of the moon are exactly the same type as those on Mars. It was only after research that scientists discovered that the five planes appeared to be the ones missing in the Bermuda delta.


It happened in 1945, when World War II was over. At that time, the weather was very good, the visibility was very high, and five planes were patrolling. But as we passed the Bermuda delta, the plane’s radar signal suddenly disappeared. At that time, the military also conducted a search and rescue. The plane did not send out a distress signal, and even the wreckage was not found.


The disappearing plane


Since ancient times, there have been many cases of disappearances in Bermuda delta. The other side has made a lot of efforts and failed to find the five planes. This incident has gradually faded out of human vision and become an unsolved mystery. But who would have thought that the five planes disappeared would appear on other planets 50 years later. The scientists who discovered the five planes claimed that the speed of the plane reached 40000 km / h, which was not the speed that human aircraft could reach at all. So some people think that if the scientists’ findings are true, are these five planes controlled by aliens?


This news is too incredible for us. Of course, it’s just one side of the scientist’s words. We can’t prove the existence of aliens through the words of a scientist. All kinds of disappearances often occur in Bermuda delta. Some disappearing ships and planes will reappear after many years, with no apparent change. So some people think that the entrance to another world may be here.


In fact, there are still many mysterious events like this. Although the pace of human beings has risen to outer space, there are still many phenomena that are difficult to explain by science. I don’t know what people think of this event?

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