A chimpanzee who created a miracle in space successfully returned to earth, but scientists found something wrong!

A chimpanzee who created a miracle in space successfully returned to earth, but scientists found something wrong!


Since the beginning of the new era of space, the development of the space field has never stopped. The emergence of various detectors and telescopes has enabled people to have a deeper understanding of space. Nowadays, the competition in science and technology with aerospace as the main body is quite fierce. Each country has come up with its own gatekeeper skills, not only to build a man-made satellite, but also to smoothly launch the manned space program. Each program is a huge project, launching a new space exploration. Before the space technology was mature, humans mainly used animals as experimental objects.


There was once a stray dog named Leica who had been sent into space. Maybe because of the bad environment in space, Leica had not returned to earth, but died of psychological effects. After this lesson, experts chose a brand new animal to replace human beings in space. When it comes to orangutans, their genes are very similar to human beings. In addition to having enough hair, many of their behaviors coincide with human beings. A chimpanzee who created a miracle in space successfully returned to earth, but scientists found something wrong!


As the first choice of primates, it has become a new choice for human beings. Many studies have shown that chimpanzees have high intelligence quotient, and their genes are similar to human beings, so it has attracted scientists’ attention. By 1957, there was a chimpanzee called ham who was involved in space flight experiments. The experiment was much smoother than expected. After 18 minutes in space, ham returned to earth without any effect on his body.


At that time, the success of this experiment attracted the attention of the whole world and laid a more solid foundation for the aerospace field. However, after a period of time, scientists were surprised to find that there was something wrong with Ham’s body. The universe was in a vacuum environment and there was a lot of radiation. It was difficult for us to guarantee that ham would not be affected. According to the normal situation, he was a black scarlet The scarlet can live for 40 to 50 years. Ham is only 23 years old and eventually dies.


According to the analysis of scientists, perhaps after returning to earth, Ham’s body had some faults, but his body was strong enough to bear them. After 20 years, it still can’t escape the fate of death. At present, there are no reasonable measures to regulate the body. Cosmic radiation is very terrible. It will greatly increase the probability of various diseases. Animal experiments have given people a deeper understanding of the cosmic environment.


Nowadays, human beings have accumulated a lot of experience through animals to lay a solid foundation for the future exploration. Only by continuous efforts can we have the possibility of revealing secrets. Everything in the universe is unknown. Every astronaut needs strong physical quality and courage when entering space. Both are indispensable. They are great men in the world. What else do you know about space? You can leave a message for interaction.

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