A cold new explanation of Fermi’s paradox, scientists: seemingly unexplained but hidden mystery

Exploring the vast universe has always been our primary task. There are too many unknowns and uncertainties in the universe. Few scientists have put forward various hypotheses about the universe, the most famous of which is Fermi paradox. The author of this paradox is Fermi, who has won the Nobel Prize for literature, and all these ideas are accidental, which is triggered by a sentence he suddenly said.


Fermi paradox



What is it?


What actually caused Fermi’s paradox thought, in fact, all this is from the Nobel Prize winner Fermi’s words: “where are they?” This is just a common sentence in our eyes, but in the eyes of these scholars, they see through a lot of things. In fact, Fermi’s paradox is a kind of reasoning thinking, which has two possibilities. If we think that aliens do exist, then aliens must have evolved earlier than human beings.

Therefore, according to this principle, aliens should now live somewhere on earth. As they have evolved and developed over time, they have been able to support their arrival on earth. But if we consider this inference, aliens do not exist. So far, we have not found any evidence about the existence of aliens. In fact, there is no trace at all. However, there are some contradictions in their inference and lack of evidence.


After the Fermi paradox was put forward, many scientists supported it. Many people participated in the discussion and put forward their own views. Many scientists are using various formulas to try to accurately calculate the number of civilized planets outside the earth. Although this paradox has been discussed from many angles, there are many contradictions between the evidence and the argument, so the proof of this hypothesis lacks sufficient basis.


A cold new explanation

The size of the universe is unimaginable. It is full of possibilities. So where are the possibilities of other life forms going? At the heart of this mode of thinking is the so-called Fermi paradox: Although there are billions of stars in our galaxy – not to mention extragalactic stars – they can (or never have) abnormal phenomena – we have never seen any sign of modern alien culture. Why?


It is a counter problem, which has been solved by generations of scientists and thinkers since they established this paradox decades ago. There is a view that aliens may choose to enter a long hibernation, or some mysterious force is preventing their evolution, or just don’t want to be disturbed by us? Now, Alexander Berezin, a theoretical physicist from Russia’s National Institute of Electronic Technology (miet), has come up with his own explanation, which he calls the “first in, last out” scheme. Answer Fermi’s paradox.


As for Fermi’s paradox, some answers in the past have their inherent defects, and their definitions of aliens are too narrow. An alien civilization, in order to break out of its galaxy, must excite a local supernova, and destroy all other possible life forms in the galaxy for its own future. If every super civilization had to do the same thing, it would be obvious that there would be very few intelligent civilizations left in the end.

Alien culture is billions of years ahead of us


Fermi’s paradox tells us many things. Even if there are planets like earth, they may have been ahead of us for more than a thousand years, but this is still a conservative estimate. Some planets are even ahead of us by 3.4 billion years. For example, if these data have no concept, then a real example is that in the middle ages, people saw what we are now like, that is, Chinese culture was 5000 years up and down, and then returned to the era of ape man after 5000 years ahead. What is the concept of 3.4 billion years?

If the Fermi paradox is true, why don’t these aliens communicate or signal? Since the development of astronomy, mankind has never received any information about extraterrestrial life. But that doesn’t prove they don’t exist. In addition to the solar system, there are many galaxies, and there are many stars in the universe. It is impossible that there is no life like the solar system. Now the earth is equivalent to a small self-sufficient country. The planets in space are like sand, so many that you can’t see them with your naked eye.

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