A combination of birds and snakes? Uncle found strange creatures, close to a look, shudder!

Is it a snake or a bird? Uncle found the “strange creature” and panicked after seeing the halal face!


There is a saying that there are many strange things in the world. It is true that there are many places on the earth that human beings have not explored, and there are many unknown things that human beings have not discovered. Not to mention the animals that humans have not found, even some rare and protected animals on earth, it is very difficult for humans to see them. We can only rely on some infrared cameras set up in the wild to capture their existence. In addition to these rare creatures in nature, there are also some strange looking creatures that may refresh our three views when we see them for the first time.


Some time ago, when an old man was doing farm work in the mountains, he found a very strange creature. At the beginning, he first heard a strange bird call. These sounds were very nice. He was immediately attracted by the sounds of these birds. So he followed the sound and heard some rare strange sounds. When he found this strange bird, he found it When he was a stranger, he was really scared.


This is a kind of bird, which he has never seen before. The head and body of this creature are very similar to that of birds. The whole body is covered with gray feathers, but its tail is different from that of ordinary birds. Because the pattern on the tail is very similar to that of the snake, I didn’t know that it was a half snake and half bird creature. This strange scene scared me a lot. He thought he saw something strange, so he reported it to the relevant authorities.


This half bird and half snake creature, after the understanding of the relevant departments, found that this bird is a zither bird, which has been recorded in history. Its call is really nice, and its body is also very small. It also has a special ability, which is very similar to parrot. It can imitate the call of many creatures in nature, and even human beings Most birds are about the same size as chickens. The most peculiar thing about them is the pattern on their tails, because these patterns are very similar to snakes. Because of this, many people will panic when they see this kind of bird, mistaking it for a strange creature produced by the mixture of snakes and birds.


When this kind of bird is courting, it will open its wings. The pattern that used to be very similar to the snake is like a harp, spreading out a large net, so scientists named it qinniao. In the autumn, these strangely colored tails will fall off and grow new feathers again in the spring.


Although they are birds, they don’t like to fly. They usually run on land or perch in trees. Because of their strange life, they seldom see their figure. They mainly live in Australia. What do you think of this half snake and half bird creature? Do you feel terrible?

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